Wednesday, January 30, 2013

nothing to fear...

Sorry to leave you hanging like that with my last whiny post.

Generally, I really am ok.  It's just that, every once in a while, it gets to me.  And to say that I am tired of seeing pregnant women would be the understatement of the century.

My weekend was good, though.  I had breakfast with a friend, visited a new-to-me yarn store (Big disappointment.  The people were NOT friendly, the store was not laid out in a user-friendly way, and they were WAY overpriced.), and generally relaxed.

We had a two-hour delay on Monday because of the "ice" and yesterday and today have been busy, tiring, and wonderfully normal.  :)

After my little pity party on Friday night I was really hoping for some good news when I got on the scale on Saturday.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that the scale had not moved.  Not even an ounce.  Given the fact that I have a substantial amount of weight to lose I was certain that, given the fact I have been religiously using the My Fitness Pal app, a nice weight loss would have appeared.

I was actually quite proud of myself for not having ANOTHER melt-down and eating everything in sight.  I did my normal "Saturday is my cheat day" thing and then made myself get back on track on Sunday.  The last two days I have been drinking, er, gagging down six glasses of water and have cut back to only two (largeish) cups of coffee a day.  That in itself deserves a reward on Saturday.

I also invested in the new Weight Watchers yoga set and installed the C25K app on my iPod.  Did you know that WW has three new exercise sets out now?  The other two are a balance ball set and a "boxing" set.  I'll let you know (eventually) how the yoga set is.  You'll have to wait for an update on the C25K app because there is NO way I am running outside in the cold weather.  Yes, yes I am a wuss like that.

And now, speaking of is past time for me to make my second much-needed cup of the day.  I can hear my Keurig calling my name and it sounds heavenly!

Only two more days until the weekend!!


p.s.  thanks for the kind comments on the melt-down post.  it really meant a lot to me.  :)


  1. We all have melt downs!!! That's when we just need to pick ourselves back up and get it together again when the melt down has past. Do it too! :o)

    Bummer on the yarn store!

    C25K app sounds cool! I need to get on some kind of program if we are going to accomplish that Feb 2014 thing!

    Coffee is ALWAYS a GREAT idea!!!

    1. Ok first paragraph it was supposed to be I do it to! OOPS!