Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's been one of those weeks...

Good and bad.

Ups and downs.

I'm tired.  Mentally, mostly, but a little physically also.

I've dealt with some crap this week and that is mentally exhausting.

  • People who use things like their child's due date to be hateful to others.
  • People who are quick to point out what you've done wrong but conveniently "forget" to mention that they've done the same thing, effectively throwing you under the bus.
  • People who are so stupid that they can't see what a good thing they have at work so they do stupid things to make that good thing want to leave.


I'm physically tired, too.  I didn't even make it to 8:15 last night before I was out like a light.  I wanted to see Criminal Minds but am going to have to catch that on demand (hopefully....still waiting for Monday night's episodes of Castle and the new show Monday Mornings.).

I think I know why I am physically tired, though, and it's my own fault.  I need to do better at calorie counting and making sure I am not so freaked out about every little calorie that I don't eat enough.  Pretty sure that 600 calories a day isn't a good thing.  The headaches and exhaustion are kind of a clue.

I am trying hard to stay up tonight, though.  I want to see the new episode of Grey's.

Wait, what's that?

Why yes, yes it is my coffee maker calling me!

Here I come, dear Keurig!

Nighty night!!



  1. BFF it sounds as if you have not had the best of weeks! :o(

    *Yeah she TOTALLY SUCKS about the due date thing! I am still worked up about using your babies to hurt someone! DIRTBAG!!!!! AND to be soooo holier than thou and such a Christian...scumbags like that give all of Chrisitanity a bad name! Way to hit below the belt there Renee!

    BFF you better take care of that 600 cal thing...yes you need to eat more than 600 cals a day! Don't make me start to worry!

    I miss you!!!

  2. I'm pretty sure inmates eat more than 600 calories a day! Please stop starving yourself, its counter productive anyway, as you well know. You are beautiful the way you are buy the way! I hope and pray you have a better week. Hope to see you soon.