Friday, February 8, 2013

mean people suck...

sorry.  needed to get that out.

now on with the rest of the show.


today was ok.  i had to work hard to not be short-tempered with my kiddos.  they weren't being naughty at all but i was/am tired, a little hungry, and in desperate need of sunshine.

i miss the sun.

our hot dog sale didn't go that well today.  we only made about fifty dollars.  we still need about four hundred and forty dollars to meet our goal and we only have four more hot dog sales.  we need to average one hundred and ten dollars over the next four sales.  i am pretty sure we can do it and am trying to keep the little one's spirits up.

thankfully, we aren't getting blasted with the crazy storm in the northeast.  as much as i would love a snow day *cough*february21/22*cough* i don't relish the thought of shoveling all that snow or losing power.

on the food note:  no alarm needed.  please stop freaking out.  i recognized what the problem was and am taking steps to correct it.  i still didn't eat all my calories today (i was about 500 short) but i am doing better. :)


that's enough for tonight.  i want to drink some coffee and knit.

good night and happy weekend!


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