Monday, December 28, 2009

Not Me Monday...again.

I have not gone for many weeks without blogging simply because I didn't feel like it. I am dedicated to my blog and my (ahem) 4 followers.

I have not blown my diet to smithereens. I have not comsumed LARGE amounts of tamales, pizza, ice cream, and whatever else I can get my lips on simply because I can.

I do not eat when I am stressed out.

I am not stress-eating because I am currently VERY, EXTREMELY worried that I am going to lose my job.

I am not worrying away my vacation because I am VERY, EXTREMELY worried that, when I get back, I will not have a job.

I am not worried about getting my paycheck on Wednesday.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Not me Monday...and then some...'s been a while since my last post and since I have been scolded, errr, gently reminded that I need to blog I am. I know you've missed me. All four of you. :)

So, to start off, let's have some Not Me's:

I did not semi-yell at the TV on Saturday night when the Heisman trophy winner was announced and it was NOT (really not) Colt McCoy. Really? Seriously? Again?!?!?!? I did not root for the washington redskins to beat the oakland raiders. I hate the redskins and would never, ever cheer for them. I don't feel the least bit sorry that they suck this year.

I did not bake five hundred million different types of cookies this weekend. Included in that total is 300 million butter cookies and yes, Matthew, I did not burn some of them. You know, for old times sake. ;)

I do not feel the need to bake five hundred million more cookies, including four hundred million semi-burnt butter cookies.

I am not completely unfazed by the fact that I have gained TEN FREAKING POUNDS since Thanksgiving. I mean, I totally eat healthy all the time, so why would I need to worry about that?

I am not to the point where I am ready to count down the MINUTES until Christmas break. I love my job and never, ever want to be not at work. Ever.

This time of the year is so busy, for everyone, not just me. My high school students are finishing mid-terms tomorrow and then they have MEGA rehersals for the Christmas program. The middle school students had a regular schedule but are going crazy as can be because of the upcoming break.

The weather is so unpredicatable right now. It was cold this morning but almost like spring this afternoon. By Friday the high, the HIGH, is supposed to be in the 30's. The HIGH. Oddly enough, though, my dad has had more snow in Texas than we have had here. Global warming being what it is an all. ;)

miss raven is doing well. Currently she is, ahem, snoring next to me. She has a full tummy and an empty bladder. What more can a girl ask for? She spent part of this evening under my sweatshirt. I think I should get a snugglie for her. Other women wear their babies...I could wear my dog. :) Seriously....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday, Thursday, da, da, da, dadada.....

I am starting to kind of like Thursday a lot. Why? So glad you asked. I'm groovin on Thursday because it is one day before Friday. EVERYone LOVES Friday because, well, it's Friday and all. Thursday get a bad wrap sometimes, I think. No one likes Monday, that's a given. Tuesday isn't all that bad, and Wednesday is kind of ho-hum. Everyone likes Friday and Saturday and Sunday, but Thursday is kind of always skipped over. So, I've decided to kind of like Thursday. not as much as Friday and Saturday and Sunday and I am sure that Thursday understands that and all, but I have grown rather fond of Thursday.

Tomorrow there is a baby shower at work. Just another reminder that it isn't me that is having a baby. Of course I will go and of course I made/bought a present, but I will spend the whole time trying not to be jealous. I am happy for her, I really, really am, and I know she will make a good mommy, but it isn't me and that is a huge bummer.

Anyway. Work wasn't awful today. That's good. I had a meeting that laster longer than I was hoping it would and I couldn't read to my K5 class like I usually do but other than that, it wasn't too bad. Only one more day.

C'mon, sing with me....Thursday, Thursday, da, da, dadadada..... ;)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The weather outside is frightful...

Well, ok. It isn't TOO frightful. It IS yucky, and rainy, and damp, and wet, and icky, but I guess it isn't frightful. It COULD be worse, I suppose. It could be snow, or ice, or sleet. I can deal with rain. Especially when I am in my warm and cozy bed with my warm and cozy dog with a warm and, ok, not really cozy, cup of peppermint coffee. Yum. :)

Today went well. Hump day is over and I only have two more days this week and then it is the weekend! Yea for the weekend! After this weekend I only have ten school days left until Christmas break!! :)

I found out on Monday that Miss H does NOT have the pox! Chicken or otherwise. Apparently her body was just stinking tired of the flu germs and the strep throat germs that it freaked out in a weird chickenpoxlike rash. Yea for no chicken pox, boo for having to go back to school looking like you have the chicken pox. She is such a good kid, though, and I am really glad she didn't miss that much school. Her teacher is rather a bonehead and I worry that, when she misses school, he isn't going to make sure she gets caught up. I know it isn't all that nice for me to call him a bonehead, but really, he is. I speak the truth. I only met the guy once but I really think he may be a little scared of me. Hehehe. That's a good thing. ;)

Two more days until the weekend!!!! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I got my pictures today! You know...the ones with me and miss raven! Awwwwwww......they turned out so well! I would have bought the picture CD (apparently they don't sell the proofs at J.C. Penney) but it was, HELLO, a HUNDRED DOLLARS! I love miss raven, but really...a HUNDRED DOLLARS?!?!?!

Anyway, I am trying to figure out a way to get some of them online. I suppose I could take pictures of the pictures...let me try that.

Hey...what do you know? It (sort-of) worked! The pictures aren't the of pictures and all that, but you get the idea. :) Isn't she so adorable? :) I think so. The first picture is my favorite but LOL!!!! don't you just love the "demon dog" face in the last picture???

I went out for dinner tonight to Ruby Tuesday's. I love their salad bar. After dinner I spent an obscene amount of money at Target. I didn't mean to, but there was a ton of stuff I needed and then gifts to buy. Happy Holidays and all that. To cheer myself up I got a Peppermint Mocha Frapp Light. Yummm. Happiness in a cup. :)

One final bit of and my BFF shopping on Black Friday. :)

Note the snow falling. ick.