Sunday, December 18, 2011

A few more thoughts...

from my last post and then a few new ones...

Disclaimer:  This post will also discuss religion.  If that offends you, please come back tomorrow.  :)

The more I thought about the events of last week, the snarkier I started to get.  It isn't that I am arrogant in thinking that Christ is the only way to Heaven, although I know most (if not all) unsaved people think that, it was the attitude that I had over the last few days that I have been wrestling with.

My attitude was one of "Ok.  Keep Believing what you believe.  We will find out in the end who's right and, um, I hope you like things hot."

I told you.


I'm not proud of it.  Because really, I am sad.  I have family members who, if they continue to chose to reject Christ, will spend eternity in hell, separated from Him forever.  That breaks my heart.  It truly does.  I love my family regardless of the fact that we don't agree on everything and I don't want to see them suffer eternal separation from God.  I pray for them.  I beg God to show Himself to them in ways that will cause their hearts to soften and to accept Him.  Sometimes I feel that it is a hopeless cause because they seem so entrenched in their ways but I know that, with God, ALL things are possible.

And so I keep praying.

It has been a nice weekend.  I went out with a good friend of mine yesterday and I got a new cell phone!  So far I am happy with it, although it does make me feel old because there are things that I think I should be able to figure out but I have had to have help with a lot of it.  The funny thing is, today I don't feel anywhere near as old as I really am.

Go figure.

My Cowboys won last night!  Whoop-whoop!  We needed that win and, to make things better, the redskins did me a HUGE favor and beat the giants today.  Sadly, though, the Jets are losing to the eagles and that bites.  I don't like the eagles.

I got all my work-related Christmas presents wrapped today and they are waiting by the door to go in tomorrow.  I am looking forward to tomorrow.  Both my class and the other fourth grade are going Christmas caroling at a nursing home and then out to eat for lunch.  This will be our Christmas Party.  It is brilliant, really, because this means we won't have to clean up anything in our rooms or figure out what to do with all the extra food.  The restaurant can take care of that.  I've already had the "talk" with my kids.  They know what I expect and I am confident that they will behave.  My mantra to them is "we are not third graders and we are not fifth graders.  We are polite, obedient, respectful fourth graders."  They love when I brag on them and they love when I tell them how the other teachers all compliment them because they are such a good class.  I am SO blessed to have them this year.  Yes, even Snowflake.

Who, by the way, actually attended a WHOLE WEEK OF SCHOOL.  All five days.  IN A ROW.  No absences, no early departures.  Yes, Snowflake, it can be done!  :)  A couple of her friends told me on Friday that Snowflake told them that she wasn't coming back after Christmas.  While that wouldn't sadden me, I'll believe it when I see it.

All right.  I still have some presents to finish crocheting so...

Nighty night!


Friday, December 16, 2011

I am thankful to be a sheep....

Disclaimer:  There are some who may find this post offensive.  If you do not like discussions about religion, you may want to skip reading today as I am on my soapbox.  If you are a family member I invite you to stay and read but only if you can keep an open mind.

The last few days have been quite interesting for me.  Not at work.  Work is still going great.  The kids opened their presents today and almost made me cry.  They were so happy with the scarves that you would have thought I had given them a million dollars.  The boys were thrilled with their team color scarves and the girls all loved the bright colors that they got.  Their response was so gratifying and it made me beyond grateful for the children that God blessed me with this year.

No, work hasn't been the challenge.

I am a Christian.  I believe that we are all born sinners and that sin separates us from a holy and just God.  I believe that God, because of His immense love for us, sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins in order that we might be made righteous in His sight.  I believe that the only way that we can get to heaven is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  We can never be good enough, kind enough, give enough money, go to church enough, etc. to get to heaven.  All of our good deeds look like filthy rags in God's eyes.  We can not earn our way to heaven; we must accept God's gift of salvation.  I believe that the Bible is the Word of God and not just "some book."  I believe in the authority of the Scripture.

I am a sinful human being.  When I read the Bible, I see my sins.  I then have a choice.  I can accept what the Bible says, be humble enough to admit that I am wrong, as forgiveness, and move on, or I can have a heart filled with pride and not admit my sin for what it is...SIN.  Human beings naturally do not like to admit that what they are doing is wrong because we are prideful.  Sometimes it hurts when my sin is pointed out to me, whether through Bible reading, or through the chastening of a fellow Christian whom loves me enough to correct me, or even through someone who is unsaved.  That is called conviction and, you know what, it is SUPPOSED to make me uncomfortable.  If I call myself a Christian and sin does not make my uncomfortable then what does that say about the state of my heart?

Over the last few days I have been engaged in, what started out to be, a spirited debate over the issue of the term "homophobic".  My belief is that the term is used too loosely and applied to ANYone who disagrees with homosexuality.  Let me be clear:  I think that homosexuality is a sin.  I believe that it goes against God's word.  I do NOT believe that ANYONE has the right to be abusive, either verbally or physically, to homosexuals.  My position in the debate was that, while I do not agree with homosexuality I am not a homophobic based on the definition that was set forth by an acquaintance whose daughter is a lesbian.  This person was very respectful when speaking with me and I was enjoying the "back-and-forth".  And then....

I understand that not everyone agrees with me.  As a matter of fact, many people in my family do not agree with me.  What I don't understand is how people who are not related to me can be more respectful of me and of my opinions than members of my own family.  Today, in an exchange, I was compared to a Nazi and the God that I serve was compared to Hitler.  Not only was that hurtful it was also insensitive.  In all of the comments and statements that I made I never once I got personal.  I never once used a slur or a mean-spirited comparison.  As a matter of fact, I wasn't even the one that brought Christianity in to the discussion.  However, when asked, I answered, in a respectful way, with what I believe from the Bible.  I was asked directly if I believe that homosexuality is a sin.  I couldn't lie and I couldn't sugar-coat the truth.  Yes, according to the BIBLE, it is a sin.  Just as gossip is a sin, and murder is a sin, and theft is a sin.  This doesn't make a homosexual any more a sinner than anyone else because ALL have sinned.  That includes me.  I never claimed to be perfect or better than anyone else.  However, because of what I believe, I am now labeled a "homophobe."

Why is it that I must be tolerant of other's choices but those same people do not have to be tolerant of mine?  I am told that I am wrong because being gay isn't a choice, it is how they are.  However, because I believe it is a choice, I am wrong.  I am not allowed to disagree with what is.  I contend that I am allowed to disagree with whatever I want.  I am not asking anyone to agree with me nor am I trying to change anyone's mind.  I am free, however, to believe what I want to believe and that right should be respected.

A good friend of mine did a great job responding to a comment that was made about accepting the authority of the Bible and I appreciated her support.  Actually, a number of people came to my defense and it was very comforting to know that I am not alone in my beliefs (Not that I ever thought that I was; it was just nice to have people supporting me.)

I made the difficult decision to block some people today.  There is a part of my family that, no matter how much I had hoped it would change, has never really accepted me.  I have been intentionally left out of "family" gatherings of late and it has become more and more obvious that they really want nothing to do with me.  As sad as it makes me, because family is so important to me, I have realized that I am not important to them.  So, instead of continuing to hope and wish that I will eventually be included, I have come to the realization that it will never happen.  I have chosen instead to focus my energy on the people that do love and care about me.  My wonderful immediate family and my amazing friends.  :)

And you know what?  Even if they left me, God never will.  And I am thankful to be a sheep.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


will be bulleted for your reading pleasure ease.

You're welcome.


  • Today was a good great day.  We had an all school assembly and, since I knew it would be Christmas-themed, I went all out.  Santa hat, Christmas pin, and ornament earrings that flashed on and off.  Oh.  The kids L.O.V.E.D.  it.  I so rock and am the coolest teacher on my hallway.
  • SS was there today.  This is the second day in a row which means that she will probably be absent tomorrow.
  • I found out after school that SS's mommy complained about me (again) to the principal.  Yesterday I was in a generous mood and gave out candy in math.  I rarely do that because I don't want to deal with the sugar high so candy in my classroom is a BIG treat and a BIG deal.  Anyway.  I made them wait until the end of the day to eat their candy (remember...I don't want to deal with the sugar high).  SS got a lollipop and had it in her mouth when mommy came to pick her up.  Mommy asked where she got it and SS told her that I had given it to her.  Mommy said "Oh, that was so nice.  I hope you told her thank you."  They met the principal on the way out and he made a comment about her having candy.  He asked where she got it and SS told him that I gave it to the class.  Before he could say anything, Mommy says, in a very sarcastic tone, "Yeah, she gives them candy and then sends them home for us to deal with."  Um.  Yeah.  I have no words.
  • Totally random.....I am currently eating dessert....Pumpkin spice pudding.  O.M.G. so amazingly delicious.
  • My babies are just about finished with their picture frames.  In case you didn't know, they are all painting/decorating unfinished wooden frames (from Michael's) for their parents for Christmas.  I took all of their pictures and printed them out at Walgreens.  I have six kids who need to finish up tomorrow and then they will wrap them on Thursday.  They are pretty excited and have done such a good job.  I'm really proud of them.
  • I got my first Christmas present today!  One of my students gave me a gift card to Target!!!!  Whoo-hoo!!!!  You know how much I love me some Tar-jay!! :)
  • As you know, the scarves are FINISHED!  As promised, here are some pictures!  Enjoy!

 The NINETEEN scarves

 redskins fans

 eagles fan, packers fan, um... origami fan

 for the girls

 more girls

 the last of the girls

 the two jumbled scarves pictures, just because

I really, really hope the kids like them! :)

Good night!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Let the countdown begin....



Yea!!!!  Only 5 and 1/2 more school days until the break!!  Whoo-hoo!!!  Not that I am counting or anything.


My swap partner got her package and, from what I can tell, liked everything in it.  Once she posts pictures on Ravelry, I will post pictures on here.  I don't want to steal her thunder or anything.

I FINISHED ALL THE SCARVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, at 9:21 last night the very last end was weaved in and I an DONE!  Now all I have to do is wrap them.  I am planning on doing that tomorrow night while I bake cookies/make reindeer bait (candy).  Don't worry--I will take pictures tomorrow.  I am going to take them in on Friday and hopefully the little angels will love them.

Today one of them asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  I said "A house on the beach."  He blinked a few times and said tentatively..."I don't think I can afford that."  I laughed.

Another funny one of my girls comes rushing into the room to tell me another girl is trapped in a stall in the bathroom and can't get out!  I had one of the other kids be the monitor and went down to the restroom.  I took one look at the door and in my most deadpan voice asked the young lady if she had considered, oh, I don't know, UNLOCKING THE DOOR FIRST???!!!???  I heard a small little "oh" and then a giggle.


miss raven had to go get a mani/pedi today.  I think we all know how that went.  I was desperate though.  I felt a stinging sensation on my back this morning and, when I looked in the mirror, discovered that my baby had left a huge scratch down my back.  Quite on accident I am sure, but, for my own safety, I called the vet first thing this morning and made an appointment for this evening.  She was less than thrilled, to be sure, but it needed to be done.  To make up for the horror that she had to endure, we made a quick stop at Petco afterwards for a small treat.  And also so that she could do some Christmas shopping for her friends.  ;)  Sorry Buddy, you didn't make the list.

Ok.  While I may be finished with the scarves, I do still have at least one more gift to finish crocheting before this weekend so I am off to make some coffee and crochet like a fool.


P.S.  BFF, I went to Eastern Market and did some Christmas shopping this weekend.....I'm sure you'll love it!  Also--I need some ideas for Miss H, please. :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011


So I should be doing lesson plans and yet, here I am, blogging for your pleasure.

I am so selfless like that.


I felt better today.  Better enough to go to school although I must confess that it was rather tempting to call in sick again.  However, a faker I am not, so I bundled up and set out for school.  To say that my wee little munchkins were glad to see me would be an understatement.  I got hugs galore and pleas of "Don't ever leave us again!" in the most dramatic voices imaginable.

It's nice to be loved again....

I could honestly tell my coworkers that I actually MISSED being at work.  A far cry from my feelings last year at this time.

Speshul Snowflake update:  Monday--present.  Tuesday--absent.  Wednesday--showed up, stayed for an hour, went home = absent.  Thursday--managed to stay the WHOLE DAY.  I am sure that, being at school for TWO whole days this week has sufficiently tired her out and she will be absent tomorrow.  I'll keep you posted.  In case you were wondering, that would make NINETEEN DAYS ABSENT since August 22.  School has been in session for 68 days and she has missed 19.  There are only 5 days in a school week.  She has missed almost a MONTH of school.  And yet, mommy and grandmama get mad at me because her grades are low?!?!  Go figure.

I am sensing that the lesson plans aren't going to get done until this weekend.  I wonder how long I can milk the whole "Iwassickfrommycoldallweek" thing?  I'm hoping through tomorrow at least.



Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just a few words...

This won't be long tonight.  I stayed home from work today because this cold is kicking my butt.  The good news is that I am feeling a little better tonight.  The bad news is the weather is changing and it is going to be slap-you-in-the-face cold tomorrow morning.

I mostly rested today.  And drank coffee and hot chocolate and blueberry juice and now more coffee.  I know, I know.  I should be drinking water.  Can I get away with saying that there is water in coffee?

I currently have 16 scarves completed.  That means I only have three left.  I still need to weave in the ends and take pictures.  Once that it is done I will wrap them (in cheap gift bags) and be done with it.

My heart is heavy tonight.  This summer I attended the wedding of a friend of mine from work.  She married her childhood sweetheart after waiting many years for the two of them to get together.  She went in to the relationship knowing that he wasn't in the best of health (diabetes and some other issues).  He had been in the hospital for the last few months and, while it was touch and go for a while, he seemed to be getting better, much to the astonishment of the doctors.  This morning, though, he took a turn for the worse and passed away.  My heart is aching for my friend, Brandy.  Please, if you are the praying kind, please pray for her and for her two little girls who loved him like he was their biological father.

Oh, and tell someone you love them.  And mean it.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Good things come to those who...

don't complain, moan, kavetch, scream, yell, stamp their feet...

I have been neglectful in the picture taking uploading of late but I finally got my behind in gear and got everything in the camera on to the computer.

Now you can be entertained without having to read through all my blah, blah, blahing.

Here is an update from the weekend:

Saturday--felt great.  Met a parent at Starbucks, mailed my swap package, went Christmas shopping for the niece and nephew, came home.  Around noon began to feel like crap.  Tried to talk the cold out of invading my body.  It didn't work.

Sunday--moaned, complained, kavetched about my cold.  Watched football.  Rejoiced that the redskins lost. Rejoiced that the giants lost.  #*#$(#$( that the Cowboys lost.  Rejoiced again (and more emphatically) that the giants lost.

Monday--went to school.  Worked very hard at not ripping fourth grade heads off seeing as how it isn't their fault that I am sick.  But probably IS their fault that I am sick.  Oh well, too tired to care.  Have a raw nose due to all the blowing.  Opened swap package.  Took the following pictures:
 miss raven received a t-shirt that says "Cookie Taster", a squeaky toy, and a rawhide bonie.

I received a hank of Malabrigo silky (in wisteria) and a cowl pattern, two dark chocolate mint bars, two notepads, two candles, a crocheted birdie, a crocheted snowflake, and a handwritten note on a handmade card.

Finishing post.  Drinking coffee, making English quiz for tomorrow.  Still 6 scarves left to crochet.  Can't do any tonight.  Too tired........

More pictures.....
 My favorite Chihuahua and her big ears.

 My Halloween pumpkins.  Yes, I know it is December.  I'm late.

 The ginormous puzzle that my students put together (almost) all by themselves.  We were studying birds in science.


Good night!

*Best Furry Friend Forever.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Am I...

the only person in the world who was surprised by the fact that today is DECEMBER FIRST?!?

What in the heck happened to November?  Heck, while we are at it, what in the world happened to 2011?

Here today, gone tomorrow.  Quite literally.

And now it is time for your daily SS update:
SS did in fact show up for school today AND she stayed for the WHOLE DAY.  I repeat.  She stayed for the WHOLE DAY.  
And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging:

Christmas Break-itis has struck my classroom.  The kiddos were quite squirrely today and it took great effort on my part to keep calm and carry on.  I am not known for my patience and they were trying it mightily today.  The good news is I didn't blow up at them.  The bad news is that it is only December 1 and break doesn't start until December 21.

I'm never gonna make it.

Craziness behind my house yesterday update:

Apparently some sort of "raid" took place in the house behind mine.  The good news is:  it wasn't a break-in.  The bad news is:  WHAT THE HECK WAS GOING ON IN THERE THAT A RAID WAS NECESSARY?!?!

I, apparently, am oblivious to the things going on around me.  The fact that TWO raids (yes, there was another one a few houses down from me about a month ago) have happened in my neighborhood and I didn't know about either one of them, only proves that point.

Yesterday one of my students told me I was the best fourth grade teacher EVER.

Aren't my students little geniuses?

Yes, yes they are.