Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's not Thursday...

but I am thankful anyway. :)

I had a wonderful day today.  I slept in, which was nice, seeing as how by 8:30am last Saturday morning, I was in full-blown panic mode frantically trying to finish packing before people came to help me move.  I can't believe I've already been in my place for a week.  I LOVE it!  I have spent a little time each day over the last week putting things here and there, rearranging where I put things, hanging pictures, and organizing.  It feels like a home now and not just a bunch of rooms with stuff in them. :)

I met a good friend for lunch today.  We went to Panera, which is one of my favorite places to eat lunch.  After lunch we went shopping.  I got some things for the house and some things for miss raven.  I also got a wonderful (and much needed) housewarming gift!  A new vaccuum cleaner from my friend!  Yea!!! :)

After I got home I started hanging some pictures.  As I was working, I heard a knock on the door.  A little boy from the development where I now live came to ask me if I wanted him to mow and weed-eat my lawn.  Did I ever?!?!  He was a sweet little kid and did a wonderful job.  miss raven wholeheartedly approves as now the weeds aren't smacking her in the face every time she runs through the yard.

Speaking of running through the yard...miss raven is loving her yard every bit as much as I am loving the house.  She loves to go out and run (and bark) and run (and bark).  I'm half afraid that the neighbors are going to hate us for as much as she is barking.

**Before I forget!!!!  I was super-forgetful the other day!  One of my good friends, and fellow COWBOYS lover had a birthday and I didn't mention it!  HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, STERLING!!!!  You are an awesome friend and I appreciate everything you've done for me!  Hope you had a wonderful day! :)**

I just got finished doing the dishes and making chocolate chip cookies.  The house smells so good! :)  I didn't lick the beaters so I am feeling pretty good about myself right now. ;)

Have a wonderful (long) weekend!!! :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stick a fork in me....

because I am DONE baby, done!  In more ways than one, I might add. :)

First, I am officially finished with the moving/other house!!!!  I brought the last load over today after work and cleaned.  I left my keys and I shut the door behind me with no regrets.  I am done.  I still have a lot of work to do in the new place (I still hate walking past the spare room--I shudder at the chaos), but now when I get off work I can come home and work on it without having to worry about the other place.

Second, tomorrow is (finally) the last day of school!  What a year it has been.  It's hard to believe that the year ended as well as it did given the way it started and the crap that we went through.  Things still sometimes seem shaky but it isn't like it was and I am so thankful about that.

I am so looking forward to this summer!  I want to go to the beach badly as well as go into the city a lot.  Whether or not that happens remains to be seen.  I always have grand plans but sometimes they don't always come to frution.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see. :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where are you, Friday??

Is it just me, or does this seem like the longest week ever?!?  It so feels like it should be Friday by now.  I don't think it is fair that tomorrow is only Thursday.  Sigh.

I brought yet another truckload of stuff to the new place tonight.  I am super proud of me, though, because I currently have NINE bags of trash (Not the weenie bags, either.  The great big outside bags.) to get rid of on Friday.  I was ruthless today.  In threw away stuff that I haven't used in years but couldn't bring myself to get rid of for the longest time.  Today was the day, though.  There is no turning back, they are GONE.

I put stuff in the shed, put away the rest of the shoes (and gotrid of several pairs, too--BFF, you should be proud!), and took a wee little nap.  The nice neighbor from next door helped me carry things to the shed.  Sometimes, playing the helpless female type works. ;)

Tomorrow should be my last trip to the old place.  I have a few more things to get and I need to clean.  I am hoping (praying fervently) that I get my security deposit back soon.  I need a lawnmower.  Seriously.  Or miss raven is going to be playing jungle doggie.  Sigh.

I think it's time for bed.

Goodnight! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some days I think I really rock it...

and today would be one of those days. ;)

I am really, really tired right now but it is a good tired.  The kind of tired where you feel like you have really accomplished something.  I'm that kind of tired.

After work today I went to the old house and collected yet another truck full of stuff.  I didn't quite get everything out of the house (omg!  who knew I had so many pairs of shoes?!?) but almost.  I got home and unloaded everything, put most of it away, started re-organizing the spare room, and emptied more boxes.  When I got my second wind I went to Wal-mart because I needed to get a new microwave (did I tell you about the other one?  ewwww.  Trust me, it was NASTY.), a toaster, and some other odds and ends.  I drove past the sheds at Lowe's to get an idea of how much they were.  A new one would run me about $400, which I don't have right now.  Instead, I bought some heavy-duty plywood type board (2 panels? sheets?) and brought them home.  I lugged them to the shed and thankfully they fit.  I'm not sure what I would have done if they hadn't.  Anyway, it is only a temporary (and inexpensive) fix, but it will do for now.  I can now bring over all the shed stuff from the other place tomorrow after work and then clean on Thursday.  After Thursday I should be done there for good.

I am now sitting on the couch watching the finale of this season's Biggest Loser.  I am thirsty but, at the moment, I am too tired to get up to get something to drink.  So instead, would you like to see some new pictures of the house? :)

The kitchen:

The living room:
So, what do you think??  I love it!!! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Fios guy, (yes...again)

THANK YOU!!!!  You were early, you were nice, you even fixed my jacked-up phone jack.  You, my friend, are my hero.  I havee internet, TV!!!, and phone.  Whoo-hoo!  You rock, Fios guy.  You totally rock.

melicity and raven (who mostly liked you and only barked because you took so long.)


That's done.  On to the next piece of business.

My kitchen is done!  I love, love, LOVE it!  My living room is almost done.  I have my bookshelves organized and all I really have left to do is hang some pictures.  My  bedroom is mostly done, too.  I need to hang pictures and a few shelves in there as well as finish bringing all my stuff out of the closet from the old house to over here.  I will work on that tomorrow after I get off of work.  The spare room is not good.  I can't do much in there until I figure out how to "fix" the floor of the shed so it is at least usable for a while.  The bathroom also needs some work.  I have to at least get the bathroom done before my BFF and her family invade come for a nice visit in a few weeks.

Did I mention that the Fios guy rocks and that I love my kitchen??


I am a horrible pet mommy today.  Listen, if you will, to what I did to poor miss raven last night:

I turned off the movie I was watching (the 6th one of the day--thank you for saving me Fios guy!) and went to get a shower before going to bed.  miss raven was asleep on her bed, buried under some blankets.  When I finished in the bathroom, I came into the bedroom and finished hanging some things up in my closet and putting my sweaters away in the cabinet.  I got into bed and turned out the light and went to sleep.  Now normally miss raven starts the night off on the floor and sometime during the night jumps up into bed with me.  I woke up about three in the morning and realized that she wasn't in bed with me.  I figured that she was on the floor so I went back to sleep.  When I woke up at six this morning, she still wasn't in bed with me.  That was really strange.  I got up and looked under the blankets on her bed, no miss raven.  I looked under the pillows on the floor, no miss raven.  I came out into the living room and found her under the blanket on the couch.  She looked up at me with her big brown eyes as if to say "What did I do wrong last night that you wouldn't let me in the room with you?"  She looked so sad it about broke my heart!  I sat down on the couch and loved all over her and told her how sorry I was.  I felt really bad. :(  I have been very attentive to her this afternoon to kind of make up for what happened.

Wow!  Long and kind of random post.  You missed me, I know. ;)

BTW--The two winners of my giveaway have yet to contact me to tell me what they would like as their prize.  Hint, hint. :)

Dear Fios guy,

I need you to come to my house on time today.  Yea, even early.  I have had no internet service for two whole days now and I fear I may not make it much longer.  I have resorted to blogging at work.  (Don't worry--my day hasn't officially started yet.) 

I have no TV, either and have had to resort to watching movie after movie after movie. (Dear DVD player, I triple {heart} you!  Thanks for standing by me during this difficult time.)  I want need you to be there today FIOS guy.  I know you gave me a window of between 1 and 5, but please, I beg you, please, be there at 1.  You will be my hero forever.

melicity and raven (who is tired of hearing me whine about no internet.)

Friday, May 21, 2010

This is a short one....

i am exhausted and i still have so much to do.

tonight was high school graduation and, while i didn't cry as much as i thought i would, i still did cry.  this was one of the best senior classes that i can remember and i am going to miss them so much.

tomorrow is the big move.  i am going though a roller coaster of emotions.  i am excited, of course, because this is something new and something that i have always wanted.  i am sad because it is ending a ten-year chapter of my life.  i am freaking out because i still have SO much to do and i don't feel like i have gotten much done (even though i know i have).  and i am so utterly tired.

eventually, within the next week or so i am going to post more about this school year.  stuff that i haven't said before because it wasn't the time but stuff that i need to get out.  thoughts that are bouncing around.

my birdie placemats came today!  much thanks to E, from e, myself, and i.  i love them and can't wait to use them. :)

don't look for me this weekend.  i probably won't be back until sometime monday night.  please pray for me and think happy thoughts for me.  i need them this weekend. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday!!!

Today was a lovely, albeit crazybusy, day.  Eighth grade graduation, 6th and 7th grade awards ceremony, packing, packing, and more packing.  My morning was a whirlwind of nonstop activity.  I didn't sit down (for real) until almost noon.  I was sitting during the graduation, but I had to sit on stage so that doesn't really count. ;)

I am thankful for the BEAUTIFUL weather today.  When I was leaving school this afternoon I noticed that it was 81 degrees!  My kind of weather!

I am thankful that the graduation went well.  I was a little worried (I always am) but it was for naught.  Everything went well and the parents seemed happy.  And the 8th graders are G-O-N-E, baby, gone!

Tomorrow is the last day of school for 6th and 7th grade.  Tomorrow is also a half day.

I got more stuff packed today.  I gave myself permission to not do everything that I had planned yesterday and I am ok with that.  Mostly.  I did start packing up stuff in my room and that makes me feel a wee bit better.  Mostly.

I have really good friends that assured me I don't have to have EVERYTHING done before Saturday.  That is a good thing because I kind of really felt like I needed to have EVERYTHING packed up before Saturday.  I really thought I could get it all done and I think that is why I was freaking out yesterday.  Don't get me wrong.  I still have A LOT to do but I am not freaking out as much as I was yesterday.  Um.  Mostly.

What are you thankful for?? :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


UPDATE(about an hour and a half after original post):  Ok.  I just (mostly) packed up the two tall bookshelves.  Now I don't feel completely lazy and worthless.  Phew.

Why, yes, I am a step away from being in full-blown panic mode.  Why do you ask?

Oh.  The scream above?  Yes, I suppose that would be a clue, wouldn't it?  Hmmmmm.

Right now I am working hard to not cry.  I am resting on my bed, blogging to you, and trying not to look at all the packing I have left to do.  Before Saturday morning.  Yes, I know that I still have two more days before Saturday.  Would you like to know what I have to do in those two days?  No?  Too bad.  This is my blog and if I want to blog about it, I will. ;P

Tomorrow is 8th grade graduation.  Yes, we have one.  Please don't get me started on how I really feel about it.  After graduation I have the 6/7th grade awards ceremony.  Then my goal is to come home, change, and finish packing up the front room (two tall bookshelves FULL of books, plus additional stuff that will eventually go in the shed), and the kitchen (one cabinet, all pots and pans, all dishware, the fridge/freezer, and various small appliances) and take all that over to the new place, unpack and put most of it away (except the books because I can't move the bookshelves alone).  Oh, and then go to bed.  If you're lucky, you'll get a post.

Friday is senior graduation.  I have practice at 1:30 and then I am hoping to get home by 2:30.  I have to be back at the school by 6:00.  Between those two times my goal is to finish packing up the dining room and empty my closet here and take everything over to the new place.  Sometime in there I will need to eat something, too.  After graduation, I need to finish packing up the bathroom (not too much left there). 

Saturday, bright and really early, I will pick up the U-Haul.  I will have about a half an hour to get things together before people (hopefully) show up to help me.  All the big stuff goes on Saturday.  The monster couch, the behemoth armoire, my desk, my bed, the two tall bookshelves, two tall cabinets from Ikea, the stuff in the shed, the stuff in the spare room (unless I can get that done perhaps Friday night), and all the various STUFF that I am forgetting.

Do you feel sorry for me?  You do?  Awwwwww!!!!  Thanks!  Now, COME HELP ME!!!!! :)

Really, I am still super happy about all this, I'm just panicking because, when I look around, I have this overwhelming feeling that I don't know how it is going to get done.  Have I mentioned that I really have too much stuff?  It is getting to the point where I am thinking, "Heck with it.  I don't need it.  THROW IT AWAY!!!!"

Girlie is liking the new place more.  She found a sun-spot today and was super happy.  Then she heard noises and started barking.  I hope my new neighbors like spoiled rotten divas sweet little puppies.  I think that, once all my STUFF is in the house and it smells more familiar to her, she will settle down.  I took her out to play in the yard for a little and she LOVED it.  I was so happy.  She kept running all over and then looking at me like she was having the time of her life. :)  As long as she's happy, then we are all good. :)

Don't be surprised if I'm not around much the next few days.  I'll try to blog at least once before Saturday but then you won't hear from me until Monday night (I hope by Monday night).  I couldn't get an appointment with Verizon (to hook up the Fios--I'm hooked on that) until Monday afternoon.  Two days with no high-speed, no TV, and no land-line.  Please see the scream above.  Anyway--I'll be back as soon as I can and I will miss you while I am gone--I promise! ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who knew?.....

Who knew....

I had so much stuff?  I have taken many, many boxes of stuff to the new house and I still have more stuff.  I think stuff multiplies when I'm not here.

Who knew...

That one group of students could affect me so much?  I am not ready for the seniors to graduate.  I am afraid of how much I am going to cry on Friday night.

Who knew...

That a school year that started off so horribly could end so well?  If anyone had asked me in October if I thought the school year would end like it has I wouldn't have believed them.

Who knew...

That one person could have so much stuff?  Oh, wait.  Already covered that one, sorry.

Who knew...

That a student who has been given so many chances would self-destruct so close to the end of the year.  And, while I am exploring that question, who knew that this student had parents who would all of the sudden decide that everything is the school's fault and not their child's.  Really?  Seriously?

So much to ponder, so little time.  Perhaps if I didn't have so much stuff to pack into boxes, I would have more time to ponder these questions. 

Who knows?  ;)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Drum roll, please....

So, are you ready for my big news? 

Are you sure?

Really, really, ready?


Ok.  Here goes:

First, here is a hint:
What do you think this is a picture of?  Can you guess?  Think you know?

Keep reading!!!!





Yea me!!!  This has been in the works for a few weeks but I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want to get all excited and then have it not work out.  It worked out and I made settlement today!  I am so excited!  No more landlords, no more worrying if I am going to have to move, no more paying money every month and having nothing to show for it. 

Wanna see another picture??
I LOVE my kitchen!  All the other places that I looked at had teeny, tiny kitchens.  My new house has such a nice kitchen!  Look how bright and open it is! :)

One of the best things about my new house is that there is a fenced in yard for miss raven.  I took her with me earlier today when I went to drop off a load of stuff (note to self:  self, you have WAY, WAY too much stuff!).  She was kind of scared at first, but after a bit she started to explore and she seemed to like what she saw.  I think she will really like having a yard to run around and play in.

So, what do you think about my big news?!?!  :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

One day more....

(anyone able to tell me what musical that title is from??)

Tomorrow I am going to drop some big, life-changing news on you.  I am letting you know this now so that you can prepare your self for what is to come.  I have been dangling this bit-o-news in front of you for a few weeks now (which was, I will admit, not very nice) and tomorrow is the big reveal day.  Please come back tomorrow to hear read my big news.

At this very moment, I am sipping a yummy blueberry iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  I think I may be addicted to this coffee.  Don't fret, I am not giving up my Starbucks, but this iced coffee is so darned good!

Now, to the main topic of my post.....

For those of you that follow and read my blog on a regular basis, I thank you.  I have been thinking lately about the blogs that I follow.  Some of them I follow because they have really cool baking ideas.  I love to bake.  I love new ideas.  Therefore, it is a win/win situation for me.

Some blogs I follow just because I can relate to the people that write them.  I love Taylor's blog.  I enjoy her sense of humor and her stories about her children.  I have no children, I have no husband.  Reading her blog allows me to live vicariously through her.  I also read another blog by a mom with two kids and husband in the military.  Again, I have no husband, I have no children.  However, her humor is right along the lines of mine and I laugh when I read her blog.  The other blog that I follow religiously is written by a high school English teacher.  I love reading about her students and her dog.  She also posts pictures of her house, which is really cute.  Totally the kind of neighborhood I would like to live in.

After reading someone's blog for a while, I kind of feel like I know them.  I am still trying to decide if that is creepy or not.  I don't really know Taylor, or Erin, or E, but I kind of feel like I do.  After reading their blogs I kind of feel like they would be the type of people that I would like to hang out with if we lived near each other.  No worries, I am not a stalker or anything, I promise.  I just wonder if other people feel the same way.  If you follow someone else's blog, why?  What attracted you to their blog?  What keeps you coming back?  Inquiring minds want to know.... :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to Feel Old....OR.....Our Jr/Sr Banquet

Last night I felt old.  Older than I have felt in a while.  If you are feeling young at the moment, hang out with teenagers.  Then you, too, will feel old.

Last night was our school's "Prom."  We don't have a prom in the truest sense of the word because, well, with only 17 Juniors and 15 Seniors, it's kind of hard to have a "real" prom.  We have a Jr/Sr Banquet which the kids have taken to calling a prom in the last few years because I think it makes them feel like they have actually gone to a school big enough to warrant calling the end-of-the year bash a "PROM."

I wanted to feel pretty last night.  I bought a new dress, I got my nails done, I had my hair done (thanks, Freddie!  You are so multi-talented!).
I thought I looked GOOD.  Then.....I got there.  And then.....the kids showed up.  And then.....I.  Felt.  OLD.  sigh.

The kids looked great, though.  I am pretty sure they had a good time, although the can I say this nicely?......well, he pretty much sucked.  Yeah.  A prom with no music does not a fun time make.  The kids started leaving an hour early to go to their after-parties.  I felt bad for the Juniors who worked so hard to make it a nice evening.  Their sponsors, too.

I had a good time, though, even though I felt old.  And my feet hurt.  But I looked good. :)

And so does miss raven! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

wordless wednesday....(kind of)

Congratulations Class of 2010!
I'm going to miss you so much!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday...

...will not air as orginally scheduled.  Sorry.

Phew.  That's over.  Now we can get on to some other matters.  I hope you aren't too terribly disappointed.  I just don't have a ten things list.  I'll do my best for next week but I'm not promising anything because next week is going to be one STINKING busy week for me.

Would you like to know why?  You would?  Well, then, I will be happy to tell you almost every reason why.

Are you ready?

Are you?

Ok. :)

As I said before, this is the end of the school year.  The end of the school year is always busy.  I am always worried that I am going to forget something.  There are awards to print (Freddie, you are AWESOME!), trophies to order, a banquet to attend (a dress to fit in to.  Curse you, Cheesecake Factory, curse you.), graduations to attend, report cards to print, teachers to check out for the end of the year, etc.  There is so much going on.

In addition to all of that, I also have other things happening.  I know I keep teasing you about this and I really don't mean to, but I can't say anything until next Monday.  That's when I will absolutely know for 100% sure that what I am wanting to happen will actually happen.  I only have one more step (and one minor baby step) until it comes to fruition.  Keep praying for me, please. :)

I have a feeling that this summer is going to be a wonderful summer.  I have some plans of things I would like to do including, but not limited to, going to the BEACH!!!!, going to New York City, joining a gym (must. lose. weight.), planting a garden, and some other stuff.  Right now it doesn't feel like summer though.  It feels like winter has come back, despite my strong protestations.  GO AWAY WINTER!

Have a wonderful, wonderful Wednesday!!! :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why can't every day be like this?

I had such a nice day today!  I went out with a couple of my friends to a mall.  I didn't buy much but just spending time with my friends was wonderful.  The weather was beautiful and we ate at the Cheesecake Factory (At the moment I feel like I have three stomachs, not one.  Why, oh why do I do this to myself?!).  The food was fantastic but the company was even better.  We ate outside, and, even though it was really windy, it was so worth it.  I love days like this. :)

My day did not start out so well.  About 3:30 this morning miss raven woke me up.  She had a very upset tummy. :(  I was up for most of the rest of the night because I always worry when she isn't feeling well.  She seems to be doing better now, thankfully.  I know it's been a while since you've seen her so I snapped some pictures last night and this morning:
Isn't she such a sweetie?? :)

Ok.  I seem to be center aligned now and I don't know how to get out of it.  Interesting.  I am thinking that this is a sign that it is time to end this post.  What do you think?

Obviously I figured out how to get out of it.  I could have just deleted all that but it would take the fun out of the new found strikethrough button.  You wouldn't want to deprive me of my fun, would you??  I didn't think so.

Have a GREAT rest of your weekend!! :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

People make me laugh, and other things....

So, I am getting closer and closer to being able to tell you my news!  I know you are waiting with baited breath.  Now, if I only knew what baited breath really was....

Anywho.  People make me laugh.  Seriously.  At some point you have to move past the anger and just laugh. 

Case in point, number one:

I know this person.  For the last few years I have believed pretty much everything I have been told by this person.  When I learned about some difficulties that this person was having, I felt genuinely sorry for them.  Then, I started finding out about the lies this person has been telling.  Now, I pretty much loathe being lied to.  And the lies continue.  And the more I find out about these lies, the more I just have to shake my head and laugh.  I have been accused of different things by this person, none of which are true.  Each time I find out something new, I just have to laugh.  And I feel sorry.  Because truly, who wants to live their life always blaming everyone else for their problems.  Not me. 

People make me laugh.

Case in point, number two:

Mrs. BlahBlahBlah comes at the end of the day to pick up her wretched little beastie "angel".  "Angel" tells her how horrible EVERYONE treats him.  Mommy believes him (of course) and is furious and demands a meeting with thepowersthatbe.  In the course of that meeting Mommy finds out that "angel" isn't allowed to participate in a fun thing that the rest of the class is doing because of his behavior (notice had already been sent, she just hadn't received it yet).  Mommy is FURIOUS and declares that we have been picking on "Angel" since day one.  Because Mommy believe EVERYTHING that "angel" says, we ask Mommy "Did you know that "Angel" comes to school and says ______________________ about you?"  Mommy.  Is.  Stunned.  Mommy, meet reality.

People make me laugh.

Case in point, number three:

Did you realize that this week was Teacher Appreciation Week?  Did you appreciate your teachers?  You did?  Good for you!!!  Chances are, though, that the teachers you appreciated are all elementary school teachers.  Am I right?  Please do me a favor.  Please don't forget to appreciate your child's teachers when your brilliant, intelligent, wise, child is in Middle or High school.  Some of my Middle school teachers got something but none of my High school teachers got anything.  I mean, they got something from me, because I truly appreciate them, but I think it means more when it comes from their students and parents.  Please. :)

I am looking forward to part of this weekend.  Tomorrow I am going out with some friends.  I always like being able to do that and am so thankful for the wonderful friends I have. :)  You will forgive me for not blogging on Sunday.  Mother's Day is not a good day for me and I will spend most of my day trying very hard to remember happy times and not cry.  I will not succeed on the not crying part.  Please, do me another favor (I know, I am needy tonight).  Please call your mom on Sunday and tell her how much you love her.  Even if you haven't talked to her in days, months, or even years.  Even if you just talked to her on Saturday.  Just call her and tell her that you love her and appreciate everything she does for you.  On Sunday it will have been four years, eight months, and twenty-seven days since I have been able to call my mom and tell her that.  I would give everything I own and then some to be able to tell her just one more time.  Telling it to a picture just isn't the same.

I hope all you Mom's that read my blog (I think there are three of you.) have a very, very happy Mother's Day! :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The post that has no witty title...

I made a huge, grown-up decision this week.  I don't regret it at all and I know in my heart that I made the right decision.  I am so happy about it but at the same time I am sad because the decision that I made is causing someone to be unhappy and worried and scared.  I hate that because I hate to make anyone upset.

Because the decision isn't 100% final, I am not going to blog about it...yet.  I'm sorry to be such a tease; I don't mean to be.  I just don't want to "jinx" anything. :)  I promise, as soon as I can tell you about it, I will shout it to the bloggy world!

On a happier note....I am happy to announce the winner of my rather pathetic one year blogaversary giveaway!  Since there were only TWO comments (yes, two.  How sadly PATHETIC is that?!?!) I have decided to choose BOTH commentors as the winners!  Please contact me and let me know if you would like either the shawl (in your choice of colors) OR a hat and scarf set (also in your choice of colors.  Also, please include your head circumference so that I can make the hat the correct size.)  Congratulations!!! :)

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!  HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm so excited.....

And I just can't hide it....well....I do have to hide it, but only for a little while longer.  I am pretty sure I will have really exciting news to share with you sometime next week! :)  Please keep praying!

Work seems to be going well for right now.  CRAZY BUSY!!!  It is the end of the year and there are picnics and field trips and graduations and final exams and all kinds of things going on.  It makes for a super crazy, super busy time, but in just a few short weeks another school year will be over.  It is sometimes so hard for me to believe that this year is almost over given the craziness of the beginning of it.

Short post tonight.  I can't wait to be able to tell you my news! :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's my bloggy and I'll post if I want to....

It's my one year blog anniversary!!!!  One year in the blogging world.  A whole year and 11 9 followers.  But we won't talk about that right now.
I must say,  this whole blogging thing has been quite interesting.  I love being able to "write" out my thoughts, even when they are random and/or disorganized.  It is really cathartic, for me anyway.

Oh!  Did you notice??  I FINALLY found the "strikethrough" button!!!  Yes!  I feel like I have taken a huge step into the blog world! ;)

Anyway--in honor of my one year blogaversary and in (hopeful) honor of the good news I will (hopefully) get later on this week or the beginning of next week, I am venturing in to the wide world of the giveaway!!!!

One lucky reader will get to choose either a handmade shawl, much like this one:

a handmade hat/scarf set either for themselves or a family member.  Either will be in your choice of colors. :)

All you have to do is leave a comment on my comments page.  One comment is all it takes to be entered.  Seeing as how generally only 4 of you comment, you have a pretty good chance at winning!  I will chose a winner (randomly) on Thursday.  If it seems like I am using this contest as a shameless way to collect comments, well, you're right.  I confess. :)

Hmmmmmmm.....maybe I'll have some chocolate to celebrate this momentous occasion........


Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Monday musings....

Oh, Friday, Oh Friday. Wherefore art thou, Friday?


Ok. So, today was Monday (well, actually it still IS Monday, but work is over so as far as I am concerned the day is over.). I think we all know how I feel about Monday so I won't go over that again.

I had a little panic attack this morning because I am still not 100% sure where I am going to be living by this time next month. I have some things in the works and I am really, really excited about the possibilities, but also kind of apprehensive because this is where some of the mistakes I have made could come back to haunt me. I am praying that everything works out the way I want, but also praying that I will be accepting of whatever the Lord wants. You can pray that way for me, too. But....kind of mostly pray that it will work out the way I want. :)

Yesterday we had a cookout at the house with the senior class. Don't worry--they all fit. Well, except there were 3 that didn't come. But they would have fit, too. Anyway--it was a lot of fun and I have decided that they aren't allowed to graduate. I think my roommate had a different idea though. I'm pretty sure that she is ready for them to leave now. Just as ready as they are to leave...NOW.

I miss football. I love, love, LOVE summer, but I miss football.

Tomorrow is my one year blogaversary.

It's time for PTI.

Goodnight. :)