Friday, November 8, 2013

Is anyone still out there??

I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't.


Well, hello.

It's been over a month again and I find myself wondering how I turned into *that* blogger.

You know.

The one who only blogs once every 157 million years.

Or once a month.


Things are going ok.  School is fine.  The weather is cold.  miss raven is as cute and snuggly as ever.  I'm still knitting.  And I'm still not eating very healthy.  Or exercising.


I hurt my ankle on Wednesday.  Pretty badly.  I did the same thing about ten years ago, but back then it was much, much worse.  Thankfully, although quite painful, this time wasn't nearly as bad.  No need to visit the hospital or even the doctor.  Just some ice, ibuprofen, and good friends who let me borrow crutches and an air cast.

I have a long weekend ahead of me and I am so happy.  It's hard to believe that in just a few weeks Thanksgiving will be here and then after that, Christmas.  Where did this year go??

School is going well.  I am enjoying this class but I must admit, I miss my class from the last two years.  I know I said it before but I really, really miss them.  I am always so happy when they stop by to see me in the morning or after school.  It always brightens my day.

I am teaching this year's crop of students how to crochet.  As is usual, some of them have really taken to it.  I don't know if they will end up as advanced as last year's class but it will be interesting to see how they develop.

That's all for now.  My ankle is getting sore and I am in need of more coffee.  I promise to try to be back soon.  I have pictures of knitting to share.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

for my "little" brother...

Who not-so-mildly scolded me over the weekend for my lack of blogging.

I'm a slacker.

I own it.

I haven't had much to say.

The school year is going well, for the most part.  I miss the class that I had the last two years, but this class is good, too.  For the most part.

I miss my niece and nephew.  They are growing up and I don't get nearly enough time with them.

Or pictures.

Ahem.  *cough*mybrotherisaslacker*cough*

Knitting is going well.  I've finished several projects lately, including two shawls.  I'm almost done with a pair of socks and I start a new sweater class soon.  I am so excited about this class!  I've been wanting to make this particular sweater FORever and now I am going to get to make it!

Congress is being a bunch of five-year olds and I am SO over it already.  We were supposed to go on a field trip this Friday that has been almost certainly cancelled because the place we were going is part of the National Park Service and since the government is shut down they will be closed.  So I have a class of disappointed children because Congress is acting like a bunch of spoiled children.

Hmmm....not much else is happening.  It is fall now and I hate it.

Sorry, didn't you know that about me?

Fall comes before winter and I hate winter.  Fall makes me sad because I know winter is coming.  I hate winter.  I hate cold.  I hate snow.  I hate winter.

But I digress.

Football is good and my team is not.  Well, they currently have a winning record but unless something odd happens, like, I don't know, the Earth tilts on it's axis or something, we won't have a winning record after Sunday.  I love the Cowboys and we are playing the Broncos.  And Peyton Manning.  Who is surgical in his slicing and dicing of all teams who aren't the Broncos.  Sigh.  Maybe one year soon we won't suck so much.  But hey, at least we aren't the Giants.  Or the Eagles.  hehehehehehehe!

Done for now.  I'm tired and I'm going to bed.

I hope I have made you happy, little brother.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I've got this...

I think.

Most days I struggle with whether or not I am doing a good enough job for my class.  I want them to grow, to develop, to learn, and to have the best year ever.  I (selfishly) want them to always remember me and to think I was the BEST.TEACHER.EVER.

And most days I wonder if I'm doing enough.

The day races by and I think about the times I have had to stop and count to 10, 50, or even 100 before answering someone so I don't yell/sound impatient/seem frustrated.

I think about what I could have/should have/need to have done before the next day.

I think about how seemingly short my break is and why I can't have an adult conversation during lunch...justthisonce.

I think about a lot of things.

And then I see the smiles.

I hear the laughter.

I see the looks of confusion change to looks of confidence.

I grade a math quiz and am thrilled with 10 A+'s and 1 B+!

I look around an empty room and see evidence of learning, growing, and developing.

And I think...

I've got this.


Friday, August 30, 2013


I truly am so sorry that I have been silent for a while.  I never intended to be.  I was not in a (long) funk about the topic of my last post.  I was however, caught up in the newness of another school year.

The older I get the worse it becomes.  Because of the summer off, by the time I work a whole week of school, I am dead tired.  The last two weeks have actually been really good but I am exhausted by the time I come home at the end of the day.

I have a good class this year.  They are a little talkative and right now I know that I am new to them and they are kind of feeling me out to see if I really mean what I say.  (I do.) Overall, though, I am fairly certain that this is going to be a good year.  At the end of the day today I was asking them what their favorite part of this week was and one of them said to me, "Getting to be in your class."  Awwwww!!!!  Heart melt!!!  Another thing that made me feel good was that every single student I have in my class is in my class because their parent specifically requested me as teacher.  I love being loved again.

I must confess, though, that I miss last year's class terribly.  Having had most of them for two years was wonderful but not having them this year is hard.  I am so thankful that most of them still come by, either in the morning or right after school, to say hello and to give me a hug.  Secretly I hope they never stop.  :)

Not much to report on the knitting front.  I currently have not one, not two, but FIVE projects on the needles.  Two are almost done and I am hoping to finish them this weekend.  One is about 65% completed but I really only have the patience to work on it a little at a time.  The fourth is about 75% completed and that is also looking good for this weekend or by the end of next week.  The last one is a sock.  The dreaded second sock.  Meh.

On the "healthy eating" front...I am doing ok, ,I suppose.  I did really well this week but am currently waiting for a (late) Papa John's order.  (And getting later by the moment.  My increasing level of irritation is directly related to their increasing tardiness with  my order.  My pizza better not be cold.)  I did make the conscious choice to request a light amount of cheese.  That should count for something, right?

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Monday, August 12, 2013


some days it still doesn't feel real.

some days i think i can just pick up the phone and you'll be there.


i just wish i could talk to you again.  there is so much i wish i could tell you; so much i wish you weren't missing out on.

i hate that i think that people have forgotten you.  not me, not matthew, or dad; but other people.  sometimes it makes me angry that they go on like nothing ever happened and i have a hole in my heart so large a ship could sail through it.

i miss you so much.


today people will go on about their business like it's a normal day and i will be fighting a losing battle with depression.  oh, i'll smile and i'll act "normal" because, after eight years, it's what's expected of me.  but inside...

inside i'll be dying a little more.  i'll be screaming for people to pay attention to the fact that the world is not the same because you aren't here.  i'll be crying and i'll be feeling like my soul is being ripped out.


and i love you.


Friday, July 12, 2013

Old letters...

Every once in a while I come across something from my past that evokes some strong emotion and it happened again last night.

Let me set the story for you...

I had just gotten into bed and was getting ready to turn off the light when I happened to look at the floor behind my bed and saw...ants.  Currently they are the bane of my existence.  I loathe them.  Anyway, after a few minutes of investigating, I determined that they were after a rogue cough drop in my nightstand.  I'll spare you the disgusting details of how they were swarming all over it.  I ended up cleaning out my nightstand (and under it and behind it and on top of it...).  This involves cleaning out not only the drawer but the shelf-y thing underneath it.  As I was cleaning out the shelf (it was mostly filled with books, go figure), I discovered an old hat-box that I put letters in.  I would guess that about 90% of the letters that were in there were from my mom.  Some going back as far as when I was in college.  I didn't read through all of them because after about two of them I was crying so much I couldn't see.  I put the letters back and pulled out some cards and discovered that they were cards people had sent me in sympathy when she passed.  Cue more crying.  I finally put everything away, washed my face, and went to bed.  With a raging headache.  Which meant I couldn't sleep.

A month from today will be eight years that she has been gone.  It's about this time of the year that I fall into a really creepy deep funk and usually it takes me a while to figure out why.  I still miss her so, so much but I am going to make a conscious effort this year to try to keep myself from sliding into the depression that leads up to August 12.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Those lazy, hazy days...

You know what's great about summer vacation?  Half the time I don't know what day it is.


I woke up this morning trying to figure out if it was Thursday or Friday.

I'm pretty sure it's Thursday.


I'm enjoying my rather quiet week after three weeks of being on-the-go.  I haven't done all that much and it's been nice.  I did go see Despicable Me 2 yesterday and that was a lot of fun.  It was at least as good as the first one, easily, and I LOVED the first one.

I've also been exercising on the bike.  I do 30 minutes a day and yesterday rode almost 7 miles.  I have to be honest, the time I'm done, my butt really hurts.  I'm thinking about sitting on a pillow today.  Also, my hips are killing me.  I'm old and I don't like it.

I've also been really good about keeping track of what I am eating.  It is easier for me to eat more healthy in the summer because I am all about summer fruits and veggies.  Last night I had an apple and a pear for dinner and this morning I had strawberries and blueberries with my breakfast.  I've also discovered the miracle that is the frozen banana.  Seriously.  You must try this.  Slice up and freeze some bananas.  Once they are frozen, throw some in a blender and blend away.  In a few minutes you will have "soft-serve" ice cream.  Last night I added a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter.  Um.  YUMMMMM!!!!

That's pretty much about it for now.  I am going to drink some water, knit a little, and work myself up to ride the bike today.



Monday, July 8, 2013

I know, I know...

I've been gone for a while.


But I swear I have good reasons this time!!!

Namely these two:

OMG!  Can you just die from the cuteness?!?!

I spent almost two weeks with them (and their parents and my dad) and had the time of my life.  They are SO much fun and it about killed me to leave them.

We did all kinds of things but the best part was just getting to spend time with them.

Once I got back from Texas, where, I must say, it was hotter than Satan's armpit, I went to see my best friend and her family in Ohio.

We had a great, albeit it short time, and I already miss her like crazy.  The worst part is not knowing when I will see her again.  (In case that wasn't clear, it was a thinly concealed plea for her to come visit me.  I'm not proud and I'm not above begging.)

Confession Time:

In my quest for "healthiness" I have been a total and complete failure.  Mostly.  For the last three weeks I have eaten pretty much everything that isn't nailed down.  It just dawned on my that maybe that's why my raven girlie has been spending so much time in the bedroom.  Poor thing is probably scared to death!  Today was no exception.  And then the guilt kicked in and kicked in hard.

Over in the corner stood a recumbent exercise bike that my BFF's parents generously gave to me this past weekend.  I can not even begin to tell you how thankful I am for it.  I got it hauled in to the house and it has been comfortably sitting there for the last two days.  And then tonight, after I had gone through the kitchen like a eating tornado, I decided that enough was enough.  I pulled the bike over to in front of the TV, got my water close by, turned on Jeopardy, and started pedaling.  Thirty minutes and five and a half miles later, and dripping with sweat, I stopped.  And I felt good.  I'm still fat, but I feel like I have taken a step to fix that.  I am planning on getting up tomorrow morning and doing another 30 minutes on the bike.  I would like to go for a walk but it is REALLY hot outside, even early in the morning.

Anyway.  I am hoping to lose 20 pounds or so before school starts in 6 weeks.  I want to start the year off on the right foot and hopefully, by this time next year, I will feel alot better about myself.  And maybe I won't mind having my picture taken...


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Put some Windex on it...

So.  I have an ant problem.  I think we've discussed this, no?

Just about everything I have tried makes them laugh at me.  I'm not kidding.  I swear I can hear them.  They are like that creepy little kid Nelson from the Simpsons.


So anyway.

I was at the Home Depot today to get some edging stones for my front flower bed and I stopped by the insect destruction aisle to see if there was something I hadn't tried yet.  As luck would have it, there was an orange-aproned gentleman there who offered to help me....until I showed him everything I had already tried. If I could have taken a picture of his surprised face for you, I would have.  He seemed genuinely gobsmacked that NOTHING on their shelves had worked for me.

So guess what he told me?

No lie...dude said, "Try Windex.  That's what I use and it seems to work."

All I could think of was the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding (one of my all time FAVORITE movies) who used the window cleaner on EVERYthing.

So.  I bought a bottle of the blue spray and home I went.

I have to tell you.  My house smells streak-free clean and the ants seem to really hate the stuff!

Way to go Home Depot guy!!!

I also bought some liquid ant traps that the little beasties seem to enjoy as well.  I keep encouraging them to drink their fill and then take some home to the family.  From what I could tell their nest is UNDER my house and I think we all know I am NOT crawling under there.

I am more than a little concerned about the weather we are about to have.  There is a chance of severe storms tonight (WHY must is ALWAYS be at night?!?!) and then tomorrow they are calling for tornadoes, hail, and massive power outages.


I mowed the lawn today so at least, if we do get all the rain they are calling for, I won't have a jungle to cut down after the fact.

Finally, to prove that I have, in fact, learned to knit socks, I leave you with the following pictures: did that cute face sneak in here?!?  


Saturday, June 8, 2013


Happy World-wide Knit (and crochet) in Public Day!

I spent the late morning/early afternoon with the girls from my class.  Almost all of them crochet and they have been wanting to get together since the end of the school year because, in 11 year-old time, 2 weeks is like 200 years.  It doesn't matter that they communicate through some electronic device just about every single day...being together in public (sans parents) is WAY more fun.

Am I right, girls??


I found out today that they have been reading my blog.

Just great.

Now I can only say  nice things about them.



We did have a good time today.  Lunch at Panera and frozen yogurt from Sweet Frog.  And of course, a lot, A LOT of talking and giggling.  They make me laugh so much!

On the knitting front:

I had to completely frog the shawl I was working on.  I screwed up somewhere and since I couldn't figure out where, I just pulled it all out and re-wound the yarn.  I was upset while doing it but I have made peace with it...and found a different pattern.  I am hoping to start it early this week.

My Jaywalkers are almost done.  I am on the heel gusset of the second sock now, although I did discover that I dropped a stitch when I was doing the heel turn.  I managed to pick the stitch back up, but now I am going to have to do some creative "tweaking" when I am finally finished the sock because there is a small hole where the stitch was dropped.  I *should* be able to fix it, though, and am hoping to post pictures of both completed pair of socks by Wednesday.

I have two other sock patterns I want to give a try as well as the Clapotis, which was all the rage a few years ago (or more).  I have some really pretty yarn for that one.

I am having the worst time with ants this year.  I have sprayed and sprayed outside with all kinds of ant-killer (including the kind that is supposed to put a "barrier" around the house for up to 12 months) but I feel like it is nothing but sugar water because nothing seems to deter them.  Every time I think I have them beat, I find one or two more in the kitchen and/or bathroom.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to get rid of the little pests, please feel free to let me know.  It is driving me CRAZY!

Well, if I am going to get those socks done I had better get back to working on them.

Happy Weekend!!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sushi, Monkeys, and Laundry...

How's that for a title??

I have come to the realization that blogging in the summer is boring.

Don't worry.

I still plan on blogging.

But honestly...


Things are going well on my vacation so far.  By this I mean that I have managed to squeeze in a nap on most days and have gotten quite a bit of knitting done.

The last several days is had been over 90 degrees outside so not much going on out there.  It's a little cooler today but the humidity is still pretty high.

On Friday I had to take my truck to get the emissions test done.  Thankfully it passed.  Phew!  After that, I went to the salon to get a color touch-up and a trim.  It feels so much better and actually looks good.  For now.  Then I decided to go out for lunch.  Nothing fabulous...there is a Wegmans (a nice grocery store) in the same shopping center as the salon so I decided to get something there and ended up with sushi!  Now, before I start talking about how brave I am and stuff, please do note that the "sushi" I ate was a California Roll.

Baby steps, people, baby steps.

It was really good though, and now I think I am kind of hooked.  Like, I really want more.  Sooner rather than later!  :)

Sock knitting is going smashingly well, also.  This means that I am on the home stretch of the first Jaywalker. I am hoping to finish it and it's mate by next week.  This is a good thing since I currently have two other projects on the needles with plans for two more.  And yes, one of the new two is a pair of socks.  MONKEYS!!!!  These are the socks I have wanted to knit since I learned how to knit.  I think that I am ok enough to tackle these and I am super excited about it.

Now I am off to finish folding laundry and drink more coffee and knit.

I love vacations!!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

blah, blah, blah...

I love Summer.

And vacation.

I took a two hour nap today.


I did get up early this morning, though, and spent about an hour outside mowing and trimming the lawn.  I'm not lying when I tell you that the dandelions were about thigh-high.

Pardon me while I hang my head in shame.

miss raven is very appreciative of the yard work.  It's tough being a foot and a half tall and having weeds whack you in the face and butt and all over when you are trying to bark at the helicopters.

I also returned books to the library and spent an outrageous amount of  money at Target.  I have my eye on some really cute curtains in there, too, and I am debating about whether they are gift-card worthy.  I'm picky about what I spend my gift cards on.  ;)

I am also working on my second pair of socks.  They are pink, I love them, and I am about halfway done with the first one.  I promise to post pictures when I finish it.

Tomorrow I have to go get the emissions test done on my truck.  It's overdo and if I don't do it soon my license will be suspended.  Sheesh, Maryland, don't you know people are busy?!?

I also have a hair appointment tomorrow morning.  I am thinking about letting it grow to all the same length, keeping it short in the back and angled down to a bob in the front.  Not sure though.  I'll talk it over with my stylist tomorrow and see what she thinks.  I generally let her do whatever she wants as long as I don't come out with some funky colored hair or looking like a boy.

I am also going to start doing yoga tomorrow.  We'll see how that goes.  Hula-hooping is also looking like an option.  I really want to try the Bar Method, but there are no studios close to me.  I am thinking about getting a  DVD of that and doing it at home.  I've heard it's a killer, though, so we'll see.

Ok.  Time to go work on a sock!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So far...

so good.

Although, I have to be honest, I don't feel like I am on summer vacation yet.

More like an extended Memorial Day weekend.

It has been nice so far.  I took miss raven hiking in a park.  Yes.  Us.  Outside.  Communing with nature.

I draw the line at camping, though.

I also went to my LYS, did some grocery shopping, and went to the Zoo.  I love the zoo.  Best time to go = early  morning before the loud groups of children arrive.

I have lots of other plans for this summer which may or may not include the beach, Ohio, and Texas.

I love summer!


Saturday, May 25, 2013

A month...

It's been a month since I last blogged.

I'm not making excuses, I'm not apologizing.

I  needed a break.

The end of the school year is so stressful for me.  This year was no exception.  Nothing bad...nothing bad at all.  Actually much good.  It was just....stressful.

School ended yesterday.  It was bittersweet because I love my class so much and I won't have them again next year.  I am not moving to middle school, have no desire to move to middle school, won't move to middle school.  So.  I am done being their teacher.

It was hard to say goodbye, even though the day was long and I was so ready for dismissal.  It was still hard to say goodbye.

I'll see most of them next year because 14 out of 15 are coming back.  The one that isn't is moving, unfortunately.  It will be hard to see them in the fall and know they aren't coming to me anymore.

My summer vacation began yesterday.  As long as we had everything done and were all checked out, we were allowed to leave when the kids did.  I was so happy about that!  I worked my butt off (not literally, sadly) this whole week so I could be done by Friday.  When I walked out the door, I had a huge smile on my face because I know that, aside from having to pick up my last two checks, I am DONE for the summer!!!!!

And so I promise that, although my summer vacation has begun, my blog vacation is over.


Thursday, April 25, 2013


For a while when I was little, I wanted to be a nurse.  My mom was a nurse and she LOVED her profession.  I think all little girls want to be like their mothers at one point and I was no exception.

And then...

I saw...


And somehow "nurse" changed to "teacher".

I can't STAND the sight of blood.  It makes me queasy and squeamish.  I don't like to see cuts and boo-boos, I don't like to watch blood being drawn.  I don't like watching medical dramas and on any "crime" shows, whenever someone is about to be killed, I turn the channel momentarily so I don't have to see it.  I don't EVER do horror movies or slasher flicks.

Imagine my horror, then, when today at recess, a student noticed an "animal" by my feet.  At first I thought she was just exaggerating the size of a bug and since most bugs don't scare me, I ask her what kind of bug it was.  She told me, emphatically, that it WASN'T a bug.  It looked like a, a, a hamster.

I looked down.

I almost puked.

It was some type of rodent-like critter.  It wasn't a mouse because I know what mice look like.  I had them in my house, remember?  It was a little fat, no longer than the length of my hand (a little smaller, probably), and appeared to be (have been) a baby as it's eyes were still closed.  The worst part?  It had apparently suffered some sort of injury as HALF OF ITS FREAKING INSIDES WERE HANGING OUT!!!!!

Sweet mother!

I shooed the girls away and, after getting a long stick, decided to try to gently move it into the grass as it was laying in the dirt.  I was pretty sure it was dead because, you know, HALF OF ITS FREAKING INSIDES WERE HANGING OUT!!!!.  Much to my dismay, when I nudged it with the stick, IT MOVED!!!!!  The little thing was still alive.  I felt so, so bad for it.  I just wanted it to die so that it wasn't suffering anymore. (There was no way the thing could be saved.)  It kept twitching and squirming in pain and there was nothing I could do.  I kept checking on it (mostly to make sure it didn't flop out onto the grass again) and by the time we went inside I was pretty sure that it had passed.  At least, I hope so.

A nurse I am not.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Overthehump Day...

Wednesday is only Hump Day in the morning, right?  By now, we are over the hump.  At least, that's what I am going with.

Here's what's going on:

  • My sock class finished last night.  I have one completed sock.  I immediately cast on for the second so as to avoid the dreaded "second sock syndrome."
  • My lawn was UNBELIEVABLY high.  I finally mowed it this evening.  AFTER I had to make a surprise run to the gas station because I didn't have enough.  ARGH!!!!
  • I love my class and am seriously considering failing all of them just so I can keep them again next year.  Think the parents would mind??  ;)
  • There are only 22 more days of school left.  School days, not calendar days.
  • miss raven is doing well.  Enjoying her treats and trying to fell helicopters.  Hasn't worked yet but the girlie still tries.  Gotta give her credit for that.
  • Big scale fail on Saturday.  After a month of the scale not moving, two weeks ago I lost a pound!  Yea!!!  Then I promptly ruined that success last week by not caring what I shoved in my mouth and last Saturday gained three pounds.  UGH!  It's not looking good for this week, either.  Sigh.  I wish I didn't like food so much.
That's all for now.  Time for coffee.



Thursday, April 18, 2013


So I haven't really been feeling the blog thing lately.  Not sure why, though.

Stuff has been going on, good and "eh", that I could have blogged about but I just couldn't make myself do it.  I felt guilty about it and all but...

So I am.


The sock class is going well.  I only have one class left and my sock actually looks like a sock.  Score!  It *is* a little tedious though, so I am making a shawl as well.  When I have had enough of the sock I put it down and do a few rows on the shawl.  It helps keep me sane and also keeps me from throwing the sock across the room.

The weather has, I think, finally turned the corner from cold to warm.  This pleases me a great deal for I loathe, yea even despise, the cold.  The patio furniture is out, the tank-top is on, and we have made the switch from shoes to SANDALS!!!!!

I'm not feeling so good about the state of my country.  The tragedy at Sandy Hook affected me, not because I knew anyone there, but because I am a teacher.  I have students that I adore.  I can't imagine losing any one of them.  Now with this awful situation in Boston...I don't understand how a human being can be so full of hate and rage.  There are things I don't like and people I don't agree with but I can't imagine having so much hatred in my heart as to inflict physical harm on someone.  I am so sad about what is happening.

I am also not feeling so good about the end of the year.  It was bad last year and that was with knowing that there was a chance I would have the same kids again.  I KNOW that I am not moving up with them next year and it is about killing me.  I have taught many classes in the last  many year and this class is, by far, the best class I have ever had and also my favorite.  I am going to miss them horribly.

I know this isn't long but I am going to go now.  I will be back again soon so please do go anywhere.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Counting Down...

The end of my Spring Break is drawing near and, I have to say, it is a little sad.


It isn't that I didn't have a good time, because I did.  Well, ER visit aside.

I went to the symphony and that was wonderful.

I went to the ballet and that was sublime.

I went to see a movie and that was nice.

I went to the National Gallery of Art and that was lovely.

I just feel that it went so quickly.


I am looking forward to seeing my kiddos; I really am.

This "Spring Break", whets one's appetite for SUMMER VACATION.

Summer Vacation.

Coming soon to a teacher near you.

Seven weeks.

Let the countdown begin.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

March is going out like a lion...


My Spring Break started with a little drama.

Last Tuesday night(ish), I started to feel a little "funny".  As in, my chest felt tight and the pain was kind of going down my left arm.

I took a couple of aspirin and kind of hoped it would go away.

It didn't.

I hurt on Wednesday and I hurt on Thursday.

I went to the nurse on Thursday.  She took my BP and found that, while it was a wee bit high, it was still in the "normal" range.  My heart rate was elevated, though, and that kind of freaked me out a little.

By Thursday night, I was tired of feeling the way I was feeling and decided to go to the Emergent/Urgent Care clinic.

I hate hospitals.

And I have no insurance.


I was poked, I was prodded, I peed in a cup.  I was x-rayed, I was EKGed, I was monitored.

Good news:  It wasn't a heart attack and I'm not pregnant (I could have told them the last part.)

Bad news:  They aren't quite sure what is going on.  It could just be a pulled muscle or "something else."  They want me to go to my PCP (hahahahahaha!!!!) and have a stress test done.  This is what I heard them say, "Moneymoneymoneymoney.  Chaching."  So, yeah.  That will have to wait a while.

Interesting news:  They gave me a prescription for an antibiotic because, as it turns out, I have a UTI.  Who knew?

So I'm taking it easy.  While I am still a little uncomfortable, I feel a LOT better than I did earlier this week.  I think a good deal of that was stress and anxiety over what was wrong.  Apparently, according to the EKG, the x-ray, and the blood work (they took FOUR tubes of blood from me.  And yes, I cried like a baby.  I DESPISE needles.) my heart looks fine.  I know they want the stress-test done to make sure there isn't any blockage, and, although that will involve more needles and running on a treadmill with no bra on (the horrors!), I am inclined to have it done.


In the future.

Perhaps before Christmas or so.

We'll see.

Right now, I am thinking about coffee and knitting and snuggling with miss raven.

Happy Easter! :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Taking care of business..

I'm quite certain that I was going to post something witty and pithy and fulls of grins and giggles.

But then I woke up.

And turned on the TV.

And turned on my phone.

And made the dreadful decision to look outside.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this supposed to be SPRING?

Aren't we at the end of MARCH?!?!

Could someone please tell me why I am home today because of a SNOW DAY?!?!?


Nothing witty.

Nothing pithy.

No giggles.

No grins.

I say we find the groundhog and, well, take care of business.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

so, blech...

and more blech.

When will winter ever be OVER already?!?!  I'm beyond tired of being cold.  I am SO ready for some warmer weather.  C'mon spring!  Let's get going!

Not much to report from here.

I didn't lose any weight this last week so boo on that.

I joined another swap on Ravelry.  Coffee, chocolate, and yarn.  Mmmmmmm.  :)

I went to a "yarn party" today.  Kind of like the wool festival I will go to in May but much, much, much smaller.  I did get some lovely yarn though, from vendors I have never heard of.  I love trying new things.  I was hoping to find a nice needle case, but, alas.  There were none to be found that I was willing to spend money on.

Spring Break starts on Friday.  Oh sweet mother!  I can't wait!!!!!

I haven't been sleeping well at night.  Even though I am really tired, I can't seem to fall asleep.

I found a new game to play.  It's called Ruzzle.  Think Boggle, but online.  I'm kicking butt so far.

Our Medieval Times trip was AH-mazing!  OMG!!!  It couldn't have gone any better than it did.  The kids LOVED it and that was all I wanted.  The people at the place were wonderful to us and I even got a "swag bag".  I love me some swag!!  The best thing I heard the whole time was this (from one of the kids):  "I am going to remember this day for the rest of my life!"  That made all the trips to the store, all the hot dogs, all the late Friday nights, and all the hassle worth it.  I can't tell you how happy I was and how proud I was of my kids.

And that's it.  That's all I have to report.  I am really, really going to make an effort to blog every day until the end of the month.  I have to make up for lost time.  :o/

Have a wonderful Monday!!!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

insert your own title here...

because I can't think of one on my own.

I didn't mean to go for a whole week without blogging but this last week has been so busy!

I had a pretty good birthday day last Sunday.  I went out to breakfast at the same place that my knitting group meets.  It was good and reasonably priced, so I was happy.  After breakfast I headed to DC.  Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE the city??  I do.  :)

I went first to Eastern Market and, while I didn't end up getting anything special for me, I was able to find something for my BFF for her birthday.  It was fun to walk around and just look, though, and the weather was absolutely beautiful.  :)

I next headed to the Botanical Gardens.  I love to go there and look at the orchids.  As usual, they didn't let me down.  They are such beautiful flowers and I love to look at them and take pictures of them.

I walked around a little near the Capitol but I didn't stay too long because I wanted to get to my LYS before they closed.  They are offering another sock class and I wanted to make sure I could get in to that one.  I was successful and I also treated myself to some new yarn--as a birthday present.  ;)  Like I need an excuse to buy more yarn, right??

I found an AMAZING little Italian restaurant to each an early dinner in and I was so happy with my choice.  My food was delicious and the restaurant wasn't crowded so it was perfect.  I was going to go to Starbucks after I was finished with dinner but the line was so long and I didn't want to wait.  There is a new(ish) frozen yogurt place nearby so I decided to try that.  It was ok but I probably wouldn't go back.

I was so thankful for such nice weather over my birthday weekend.  Especially since the last several days have been cold and kind of dreary.  Doesn't the weather know that it should be getting warmer?!?

School was ok this week.  The kids (and I) are very much looking forward to Spring Break but we still have nine days of school to go before we can relax.  It seems so close but still so far away!  We had our final hot dog sale this past Friday and we did very well.  I am so happy that we have been able to pay for our whole field  trip to Medieval Times without having to ask the parents for any money.  I have to be honest, though, when I tell you that I am SO glad I won't have to deal with hot dogs again for a LONG time!!  Our field trip is this Friday and we are EXCITED about it!  The kids can't wait and, truth be told, neither can I! :)

I went to my knitting group yesterday.  I am really enjoying going and that says a lot coming from someone like me, who is more than happy to just stay home and be a hermit.  I like this group, though, and for the most part, the women who attend are really friendly.  :)

Despite going to the Cheesecake Factory, out for breakfast and dinner on my birthday, AND out to dinner the day after my birthday, I managed to lose almost a pound on Saturday.  I'm still not quite to 15 pounds lost but am hoping that, after I weigh in this coming Saturday, I will be past the 15 pound mark.  I'm still taking it one day at a time, though, and trying not to be too hard on myself for gaining all that weight back.  :o/

I hope you have a great end to your weekend and a fabulous week!  I'll be back soon, I promise! :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Happy Birthday to me.

Yeah.  Another one.



It's been a pretty good weekend so far.  I lost 1.4 pounds last week and then promptly went to the Cheesecake Factory yesterday.  Let's not talk about caloric intake, ok?  White Bean hummus, Grilled Chicken Tostada Salad, and Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake.  It was like licking a rainbow of deliciousness.  Yeah, it was THAT good.

I also did a little shopping yesterday, although I am not thrilled with everything I got and some things may end up being returned.  Namely the shirts that make me look like a whale.  I did get some cute things for my niece and nephew.  :)

Today is all about ME.  I know that sounds selfish and I don't mean it to be quite like that but still, it is all about me today.  Starbucks, Eastern Market, Botanical Garden, maybe the National Gallery, and Fibre Space.  The weather is nice, the sun is shining, and it is getting warm.  This makes me happy.

That is all.

Happy Birthday to me.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day!...

Here I am.

At home.

On a Wednesday.

At 10:11 in the morning.

Thank you, Snow Day!

As much as I loathe snow, and I do, this was a very wanted snow.  Even though it is in March and it should never, EVER snow in March.  Unless you live in like, Alaska, or something.


It was kind of a catch-22 for me.  I hate snow and hate it even more in March, but I have to tell you, Spring Break was looking like a million years away.

So here I am, contemplating what I should do first:  knit another row on my sweater or drink another cup of coffee.


Update on the weight-loss:  After a wonderful almost 4 pound drop two weeks ago, this last Saturday did not bring much scale-love for me.  I didn't gain anything, but I didn't lose, either.  I'm ok about it, though, because I have lost 12 pounds and so far it has averaged about 2 pounds a week.  I'm doing well this week, although some nights it has been really hard to not go back into the kitchen.  I am hoping for another good week on Saturday.

Speaking of food, because I sort of was, all diet bets are off on Saturday, regardless of what the scale says.  Sunday is my birthday and I am celebrating by visiting my friends at the Cheesecake Factory on Saturday.  Calories and diet be darned.  :)

Ok.  That is all for now. I am off to enjoy my day off.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Told ya...

I'd be back.


Not much to report...I'm so lame!  Let's see....I went to dinner with a friend last night.  We had a good time...she is one of those friends that I can totally be myself with.  She knows me and doesn't care about my imperfections.  I love that in her!

We went to an Italian restaurant and I think I did ok, food wise.  I had a salad, with the dressing on the side; penne caprese, which was AMAZING...I shouldn't have eaten it all but I did; and one slice of garlic bread, even though they brought me two.  I also had a cup of coffee and a LARGE glass of water (without ice).  I have to tell you, I was pretty proud of myself for drinking the water.  I drank the coffee because the night before I ended up with a really, really bad headache from lack of caffeine.  I didn't want it to happen again last night so I drank the small cup of coffee at dinner.  Um.  And then another one when I got home.

We had a half day at work today.  We were supposed to have professional development this afternoon, but our wonderful principal, sensing how badly we needed a break, held a brief meeting and then let us go.  WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!  That was so wonderful!  I was able to go to the bank and then to the post office.  I needed to mail a package to my niece and nephew (because I am an awesome aunt!), a package to my BFF (because I am an awesome BFF), and a package to my most recent swap partner.

I know, I know.  I kvetched about the last swap and, truth be told, I am VERY unhappy with the moderator of the swap and how impolite she was to not respond to my message to her.  She pretty much called me out in the swap, accusing me of lying about the package that I got (the one that was full of dollar-store items and reeked of smoke).  Anyway, someone recommend the group I am in now so I figured I would give it a try.  Ironically the woman I was assigned to had mailed my package earlier this week and it was waiting for me when I got home.  I was pretty much pleased with what I received.  The only downside with the package was that, once again, it came from a household with a smoker.  Fortunately the smell wasn't quite as awful as before, and I am hoping that spending some time with some fabric softener sheets will do the trick.

Let's see....oh yes, my sock class...the one I was freakishly excited about...was cancelled.  :(  I am so bummed out about it!  The shop had offered to let me take another sock class in March, but before I could respond to the e-mail, they contacted me again to tell me THAT class was cancelled as well.  The kknitting gods seem to be against allowing me to learn how to knit socks which is the whole reason I learned to knit in the first place!


Other than that, not much else to report.  miss raven has a new growth on one of her back legs, further pushing me towards pushing the vet towards having her tested for Cushing's disease.  All I hear are little cash registers ringing.  It's a good thing I love her so much.  :)

Verizon is currently rewarding me for being a "loyal customer" by granting me free HBO until the end of May.  I wish they would show their gratitude in a more monetary cutting my bill down some.  I am taking advantage of it, though, and watching some pretty cheesy movies.  Back to the Future II, anyone?  McFly?  McFly?



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A little of this and some of that....

Sorry for my absence.  No reason, really, other than I just didn't feel like turning on the computer when I got home from work.

Also, I had a bit of a head cold at the end of last week and that left me really drained.

Oh, and I found out on Friday afternoon that my dad was in the hospital.


It ended up not being extremely serious and he is ok and home now but still....being so far away makes me feel very helpless when things like this arise.

I didn't lose any weight last week.  As a matter of fact, not only did I not lose, I gained a pound.  Not quite sure how that happened.  I really was careful about logging everything I ate/drank, so I don't know what happened.  I didn't let it devastate me, though, and have been working just as hard this week.  I am hoping that I have something positive to report on Saturday.

Hmmm...other than that, not much to report.  School is still going well, although I do have to admit I am looking forward to Spring Break.  As much as I love my babies, and I do, I need a break.  Sweet Lord how I need a break.

miss raven is doing well, although it is obvious that she is aging and that makes me so very sad.  she is the epitome of a sweet, loving, lap-dog and she makes me life so happy.  I can't even imagine her not being around.

I promise to keep my goals to blog more.  I did well last month and there are still several days left to go in this month but for now, it is time for coffee.  :)

Good night!


Monday, February 11, 2013

did they really say that...


(both statements took place this morning.  keep in mind that, while i have lost almost 10 pounds, i am by no means svelte.)

female child #1:

"Wow!  You look hot today!"

female child #2:

"Don't get offended by this but you have an amazing hourglass figure!"




my babies are growing up TOO fast.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Lazy Weekend...

I haven't done much this weekend and I'm not complaining.  It's been nice to just take it easy and relax.

I did well on the scale this week.  I lost 1.4 pounds and that puts me at almost 10 pounds.  I was all ready to get pizza, nachos, and ice cream at the store yesterday and then decided to just get a "healthy" pizza and forgo the nachos.  I really meant to get ice cream as Ben and Jerry's was on sale but I totally forgot to.  I realized it when I was already out in the parking lot and then decided that it was ok.  I have fat-free pudding at home and I was happy with that.  And then I was all pumped up at how good I felt for making a good decision.  :)

I got my hair cut yesterday and then splurged and bought some new product for it (and I do mean SPLURGED).  The stylist used them on my hair, though, and it is soooo soft.  I love it!  The next time I go (in April) I am getting my hair colored again.  She did such a good time last roots are just now barely visible and it was last colored on December 15.

miss raven is asleep next to me.  she loves a quiet weekend because that means more snuggle time.  I can't even put in to words how much I love this little dog.  She makes me so happy.  Even at 2:30 in the morning when she is (a) scratching me (b) pushing me out of her space in the bed (c) needing to go potty or (d) all of the above.  she is dreaming right now and her little face is twitching away.  I wish you could see her.  :)

I lost another follower.  Sigh.  I've come to terms with the fact that I am never going to be a super-blogger (and I am way OK with that) but I was pretty excited when I hit 20 followers.  Well, nonetheless, thanks to those of you that are still sticking around.  :)

It's time for dinner and I am hungry.  I am also determined to make it to 8 glasses of water today and I have two to go.  Time to drink.


Friday, February 8, 2013

mean people suck...

sorry.  needed to get that out.

now on with the rest of the show.


today was ok.  i had to work hard to not be short-tempered with my kiddos.  they weren't being naughty at all but i was/am tired, a little hungry, and in desperate need of sunshine.

i miss the sun.

our hot dog sale didn't go that well today.  we only made about fifty dollars.  we still need about four hundred and forty dollars to meet our goal and we only have four more hot dog sales.  we need to average one hundred and ten dollars over the next four sales.  i am pretty sure we can do it and am trying to keep the little one's spirits up.

thankfully, we aren't getting blasted with the crazy storm in the northeast.  as much as i would love a snow day *cough*february21/22*cough* i don't relish the thought of shoveling all that snow or losing power.

on the food note:  no alarm needed.  please stop freaking out.  i recognized what the problem was and am taking steps to correct it.  i still didn't eat all my calories today (i was about 500 short) but i am doing better. :)


that's enough for tonight.  i want to drink some coffee and knit.

good night and happy weekend!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's been one of those weeks...

Good and bad.

Ups and downs.

I'm tired.  Mentally, mostly, but a little physically also.

I've dealt with some crap this week and that is mentally exhausting.

  • People who use things like their child's due date to be hateful to others.
  • People who are quick to point out what you've done wrong but conveniently "forget" to mention that they've done the same thing, effectively throwing you under the bus.
  • People who are so stupid that they can't see what a good thing they have at work so they do stupid things to make that good thing want to leave.


I'm physically tired, too.  I didn't even make it to 8:15 last night before I was out like a light.  I wanted to see Criminal Minds but am going to have to catch that on demand (hopefully....still waiting for Monday night's episodes of Castle and the new show Monday Mornings.).

I think I know why I am physically tired, though, and it's my own fault.  I need to do better at calorie counting and making sure I am not so freaked out about every little calorie that I don't eat enough.  Pretty sure that 600 calories a day isn't a good thing.  The headaches and exhaustion are kind of a clue.

I am trying hard to stay up tonight, though.  I want to see the new episode of Grey's.

Wait, what's that?

Why yes, yes it is my coffee maker calling me!

Here I come, dear Keurig!

Nighty night!!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

A list...

I really don't have much to say tonight.


Here is the list:

  1. I lost another 3.4 pounds this week.  That makes a little over 8 pounds in the last three weeks.  I am happy with this.
  2. I went to a student's birthday party today.  And did not go to my knitting group.  Sigh.
  3. The stupid groundhog did NOT see his stupid shadow.  Winter should therefore be over, right?  Why then are we getting snow tonight?  And tomorrow night?
  4. If we MUST get snow, why isn't it enough to keep me out of school on Monday??
  5. I broke down and went to Starbucks today.  I had a Venti, extra-hot, non-fat peppermint mocha.  It has quite a few calories.  It was so worth it!
  6. I got new slippers today.  They are pink and have sheep on them.  Perfect for a yarn ho like me, no?
  7. I got my very first spam comment on the blog.  It wasn't nasty (thankfully) and it is now deleted.
  8. I think it's time for more coffee.
The end.


Thursday, January 31, 2013

it should be over...

today is the last day of january.

that means that winter should be over, right?

saturday, the stupid groundhog will come out of his stupid hole and see his stupid shadow.  this, of course, means six more weeks of winter.

except that, it doesn't really matter because, as i proved to my lovelies today, using the calendar, winter will last six more weeks ANYway, regardless of whether or not the stupid rodent sees his stupid shadow.

stupid winter.

i learned something new today that i would like to share with you.  this is brought to you by the minds of 10 year old students.

are you familiar with the term "bats in the cave"?

apparently that means that you have a, how shall i put this, a "visitor" in your nose.

"bats in the cave"

now you've heard everything, right?


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

nothing to fear...

Sorry to leave you hanging like that with my last whiny post.

Generally, I really am ok.  It's just that, every once in a while, it gets to me.  And to say that I am tired of seeing pregnant women would be the understatement of the century.

My weekend was good, though.  I had breakfast with a friend, visited a new-to-me yarn store (Big disappointment.  The people were NOT friendly, the store was not laid out in a user-friendly way, and they were WAY overpriced.), and generally relaxed.

We had a two-hour delay on Monday because of the "ice" and yesterday and today have been busy, tiring, and wonderfully normal.  :)

After my little pity party on Friday night I was really hoping for some good news when I got on the scale on Saturday.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that the scale had not moved.  Not even an ounce.  Given the fact that I have a substantial amount of weight to lose I was certain that, given the fact I have been religiously using the My Fitness Pal app, a nice weight loss would have appeared.

I was actually quite proud of myself for not having ANOTHER melt-down and eating everything in sight.  I did my normal "Saturday is my cheat day" thing and then made myself get back on track on Sunday.  The last two days I have been drinking, er, gagging down six glasses of water and have cut back to only two (largeish) cups of coffee a day.  That in itself deserves a reward on Saturday.

I also invested in the new Weight Watchers yoga set and installed the C25K app on my iPod.  Did you know that WW has three new exercise sets out now?  The other two are a balance ball set and a "boxing" set.  I'll let you know (eventually) how the yoga set is.  You'll have to wait for an update on the C25K app because there is NO way I am running outside in the cold weather.  Yes, yes I am a wuss like that.

And now, speaking of is past time for me to make my second much-needed cup of the day.  I can hear my Keurig calling my name and it sounds heavenly!

Only two more days until the weekend!!


p.s.  thanks for the kind comments on the melt-down post.  it really meant a lot to me.  :)

Friday, January 25, 2013


i had a really good day today.  my kids were good, we had Chinese food for lunch, and the afternoon was a lot of fun.

i came home, ate a sensible dinner, knit for a while, played on the computer, and drank some coffee.

and then i checked a couple of facebook pages and now i am struggling.

i feel empty.

lately i have really working on trying to be content, even happy, with my life.  i am not living the life that i envisioned when i was 20, 25, 30, or even 35.  i am a "typical" female...having had my "dream" wedding/life planned for as long as i can remember.

except my dreams, for whatever reason, haven't come true.

oh, i know.  i could *still* get married and at the last wedding i attended i had a very sweet lady tell me that i would be next.

that was over two years ago.

i avoid weddings now.

i had someone tell me that i am an "unclaimed blessing".  she meant well, i am sure, but it was like a knife in my heart.

and now, everywhere i turn, i am surrounded by pregnant women.  i can't get away from them.

it feels like a big, mocking joke.

because i am now 40.  my "child-bearing" years are close to passing me by, if they haven't already.

i am trying to be content and i am trying, desperately, to be happy, but i can't help but wonder why everyone else gets their "dream come true" and "happily ever after" and i am left on the outside looking in.  i had enough of this whole getting-picked-last when i was in grade/middle/high school.  i really thought by now it would be different.

so, although i had a good great day, i am feeling empty.  and sad.  and struggling very hard to not be.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

My day...


(I'm assuming I don't need to express my joy in any other different way.)

We didn't a huge amount of snow...maybe only an inch and a half, but it was enough!  I had a simply wonderful day!  I knit, did laundry, knit, cuddled miss raven, knit, played on the computer, knit, cuddled miss raven, knit,...well, you get the picture.

Oh.  A large amount of coffee may or may not have also been consumed.


We do have school tomorrow and, as far as I know, we will be starting on time.  Happily, though, they are calling for more snow tomorrow afternoon/evening so there is a chance we might get out early.  Right now they have only cancelled after school activities but we'll see.

And now...

back to the knitting.  and coffee.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My night...


school work




school work

aren't you jealous?


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


  1. the Falcons.  To the 49ers.  blech.  Can't stand the 49ers.
  2. the Patriots.  To the Ravens.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  3. 4.8 pounds.  By me!  YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)
So, I knew I had worked really hard counting calories and eating well last week so I *was* expecting to lose some weight.  I was stunned, thrilled, ecstatic that I lost 4.8 pounds!  And, it must be confessed, more than a little proud.


It gave me the inspiration that I needed to stay motivated this week.  It hasn't been easy and I really wanted to give in tonight, but I haven't.

It was bone-chilling cold today.  Ridiculously cold.  I have chills still and I have the heated throw all the way up, the space heater on, and the bedroom space heater on.  On a completely  unrelated note, my electric bill came today.  Is it bad that I'm afraid to open it?  :o/

Time to drink coffee and knit.



Thursday, January 17, 2013


It is winter and, although I completely despise the season I do somewhat feel that I am entitled to a snow day here or there to make up for having to go through it.

I am feeling rather cheated because there has been no snow.  Don't get me wrong...I have enjoyed the slightly warmer temperatures that we have had this season but is about time for a snow day.

We thought we were going to get some snow today, and, bless their little hearts, my kiddos were trying desperately to convince themselves that they would have tomorrow off.  Alas, it doesn't seem to be working out for them.

The other negative thing about the warmer temperatures is that it hasn't been cold enough to kill off the cooties.  We have has several kids and staff members out sick with ick and the flu.  It was so bad this week that for a couple of days we haven't even had our breaks.  Normally I would roll with it and not be too cranky but we have also had to have the kids in our room for lunch because it is too cold to eat in the gym.  This means I have NO BREAK ALL DAY.  I love my children, I really do, but honestly....I could not wait for 3:30 today.  I was seriously counting down the minutes because they were driving me insane.  Imagine if I didn't love them as much as I do.


I have NOT been cheating on my diet, I am happy to say, although I was SERIOUSLY tempted to today because I was crazy-hungry right before dinner and wanted to devour everything in sight.  I didn't and am proud of myself for not giving in.  I am currently trying to down another bottle of water and not drink coffee. This is a big deal as I have only had one and a half cups today and am craving another cup.  I may have to give in before the night is over.  We'll see.

That's all for today.  Tomorrow is Friday and another hot dog sale.  I am hoping for another good one.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Have a great weekend!!!


Monday, January 14, 2013

Three things...

Three things happened this past Saturday morning.  And they happened in the following order:

  1. I got on the scale for the first time in a year.
  2. I cursed myself loud and long.  Perhaps you heard me?
  3. I picked up my new iPod touch and immediately installed the MyFitnessPal app.
So far I have I been completely faithful in logging every, and I do mean EVERY morsel and drop that has passed my lips.

And so far I have been under my calorie limit all three days.  Not significantly, mind you.  I am being careful about that.

I also am drinking much water.  I loathe water.  I think I may have mentioned that a time or two.  Saturday I ended up with 32 ounces of straight water.  Sunday was 40 ounces, but 32 of those ounces came in the form of Crystal Light. (That counts, right?!?  Dear Lord, PLEASE let it count!)  Today I got in 48 ounces of water, with 32 ounces being Crystal Light.

That is a great amount of water for someone who does not like water.

It also is a great amount of time in the bathroom.

Which is difficult when you are a teacher.


According to MyFitnessPal, I should lose approximately 2 lbs a week.  I realize that is an estimate and that there will be weeks when I may lose less and weeks when I may lose more and weeks when I may not lose at all and (hopefully not many) weeks when I may gain some.

When the weather starts to get warmer I will most likely begin walking outside again.  I do like doing that, just not in the cold.

So...this, should I keep it up (and I will), will satisfy my resolution to be healthy and that is a good start I think.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy Birthday...

Today is my nephew's birthday.

He is eight.


Where has the time gone?

I generally get him his present while I am at home for Christmas.  I leave it with my dad who makes sure that Nik gets it at the appropriate time.  This year I decided to piggyback off the success of the Christmas present and get him some more of the Magic Tree House books that he likes.

You know what's awesome?  Having an eight year old nephew who actually LOVES getting books for his birthday.

Score one for the auntie!

Happy, Happy, HAPPY Birthday to the BEST nephew in the UNIVERSE!  I love you, Nikolas!!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Note to self about Mexican food...

Bet you thought I forgot about my resolution to blog more, huh?

Nope.  Here I am!

I was actually going to blog last night.  I wasn't sure what I was going to say but I *was* going to blog.  My plans for last night were as follows:

  • Run to Target for boring things... deodorant, Noxzema, um...feminine hygiene products, etc.
  • Stop at nearby JoAnn's for gift card for friend's birthday.  Did not buy yarn!
  • Meet another friend at Chevy's for dinner.
  • Go home.
  • Adore miss raven, blog, print out some things for school, adore miss raven, watch some tv, adore miss raven, sleep.
Instead, this is what I did:

  • Run to Target for boring things... deodorant, Noxzema, um...feminine hygiene products, etc.
  • Stop at nearby JoAnn's for gift card for friend's birthday.  Did not buy yarn!
  • Meet another friend at Chevy's for dinner.
  • Head for home and pray that the migraine that is coming on is not serious.
  • Crap. It is serious.
  • Make it to my room, lie down, get up, puke, go back to room.
  • Repeat for the next hour and a half.
  • sleep
So.  That would be the reason for no blog last night.  This one kicked my butt.  I think I may have, at some point, prayed for the swift return of Christ to take away the pain in my head.

Oh.  And note to self...

Mexican food is NOT pretty the second time around.


I took it very easy at school today and the kiddos had mercy upon me.  They weren't loud and they didn't bombard me with a zillion and one questions, for which I was very thankful.  My headache finally went away and I have been taking it easy all this evening.  I'm not sure what brought it on but, boy, it was intense!

On a happier note...I finally received my order from WEBS.  I got some yarn for my sock class and some size 1.5 DPNs which I am frankly a little intimidated by.  They are FREAKING tiny.  Like, so tiny I am afraid I am going to break them just by using them!  I also got a couple of extra cable lengths for my new circular needle set...which I am in love with.  :)

Tomorrow is Thursday and that means it is one day closer to Friday.  I love Friday.  This Friday we are starting back with our hot dog sales in an effort to raise money to go to Medieval Times.  We need about $750 more and I am confident that they will be able to make it.

Have a great Thursday!


Sunday, January 6, 2013


the weekend.

how i love it.

i really didn't do too much this weekend.  lesson plans (blah), grocery shopping (blah), a little cleaning (blah), signed up for my first sock class (WHOO-HOO!!!!!!!), and football (bittersweet, end-of-the-season games).

i thought about baking for my kids, but i didn't.

i did go to brunch this morning.  i was sitting in the diner, eating my rye toast, scrambled eggs, home fries, and scrapple, when all of he sudden i hear, "hi, miss olsen".  DANGIT?!?!  is *no* place safe from students anymore?


i actually think it's kind of funny when i see kids out of school.  they kind of look at me like they can't believe i have a life outside of the classroom.

miss raven is doing well.  she's sleeping now and i think she is adjusting to me being back at work.  we had a few puky days on wednesday and thursday, but she seems to be ok now.

my brother and sister-in-law got about five inches of snow in texas. AFTER I LEFT.  i don't mind that they got the snow, but i do mind that we haven't gotten any yet.  i would like a good snow day.  or two.  or three.

have a great monday!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

a favorite thing...

i have decided that children begging me to continue reading to them is one of my favorite sounds.

i hope that doesn't sound too strange.

or cruel.

right before christmas we finished a series of books.  the kids LOVED the books and i loved reading to them.  i was in a quandry as to what to read to them next but decided on a new series.

yesterday we started reading The Mysterious Benedict Society.  saying that they loved the first chapter would be an understatement.  they begged my continue reading yesterday...past the 30 minutes i usually read to them.  of course, i didn't.  i want them to be eager to hear the next "installment", if you will.

one of the best things, though, was that the main character, Reynie Muldoon, is tempted to cheat on a test he is taking.  most likely, he wouldn't get caught.  i could hear my kids whispering, "No, don't do it."  "Don't do it, it isn't worth it."  my heart swelled with pride.  when they found out that Reynie resists the temptation and doesn't cheat, they actually cheered.  they were so proud of him and i was so proud of them.

having this class for two years in a row has been such a huge blessing.  i love them like they were my own.  i am absolutely DREADING the end of the year.  the end of last year was tough, but i knew there was a chance i could have them again.  the end of this year, though, signals the end of my time with this group and thinking about it makes me so sad.

they are already plotting together to get me to move up....


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Creative Christmas present...

So.  What's a teacher to do about Christmas presents for her class when she has the same class two years in a row?

Last year, if you remember, I made each of my 18 students a scarf.  The boys got team colors and the girls got bright, cheery colors.

Obviously I couldn't do the same thing again this year.

I thought and thought and thought and thought.  I was starting to get a wee bit panicky about it.  Then the idea came to me and, oh, what an idea it was!

I had a class picture taken, bought each kid a white t-shirt, and transferred the picture onto the shirt.  Now, don't worry.  Between fantastic after Thanksgiving sales, a teacher discount, and a gift card, I spent a grand total of about fourteen dollars out-of-pocket.

It wasn't without stress, of course.  I was still transferring pictures onto shirts and ironing up until the Thursday before the break.  The first picture I had taken was AMAZING.  I loved it and still do.  The problem was that the kids were a little too far apart and when I went to print out the transfer I realized that two kids were being cut off.  (Don't ask how many transfers I went through before I figured it out.)  I had to take a second picture and, while it was ok, it wasn't my favorite.

The best part, though, was their reaction.  I was anxious because I wasn't sure if they would like it but when they opened their bags the next day....well, priceless would be the word I would use to describe how they reacted.  It made me so happy that they were so excited by it.

Next year I will have a different class, sadly, and will more than likely go back to the scarves.  Just in case I do move up with next year's class, though, I will have a standby for a second year present.  :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, new beginnings...

This is the time of the year when everyone makes resolutions.  I usually don't make any because I am pretty much a Type-A personality.  If I make resolutions and then don't stick to them, I feel like a gigantic failure and that spirals into a host of other issues, including depression and (for me) its best friend...overeating.

This year, though, I have decided to make three, fairly reasonable, resolutions:

  1. Blog more.  I have not been a good blogger.  There are reasons for this but they are mostly just excuses.  I am not committing to blogging EVERY day.  Sorry, BFF.  I am going to commit to blogging at least three times a week.  Maybe more.  Hopefully not less.  I want to speak my mind a little more and am feeling like I am in a position where I can do so now.
  2. Be Healthier.  Notice I did not say lose weight, although that is certainly an end goal.  I just want to be healthier.  Make better choices in what I eat and how I exercise.  Healthier includes relationships, as well.  I made some changes at the end of last year and, while not easy, it has proved better for me mentally.  Oh.  This one also includes drinking more water.  blech.
  3. Try something new.  Last year I tried knitting.  I am hooked.  The sweater that I made for my niece was beautiful and fit her like it was made for her.  Which it was.  ;)  I can't even begin to tell you how proud I was of myself when I saw how well it fit her.  Not proud in an "I'm-all-that" kind of way.  Just proud that I accomplished something like that.  I don't know what the new thing will be.  I'd like to learn a new language, I'm taking a sock knitting class (however, because it is knitting, it doesn't qualify as something new), I'd like to travel, and I'd like to learn how to play an instrument.  Who knows?  Any suggestions?  No, BFF, no Tae Kwan Do.  :op
Anyone else out there making any resolutions?  I'd love to hear them!

Happy New Year from miss raven and I!