Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter is just...




...just barely starting and I am already tired of it.  Look what I had to deal with today:

Can you believe it?  Ugh.

So.  To cheer us all up, I decided to treat you to a pictorial of my Christmas decorations.  I LOVE Christmas.  Despite the fact that it is in the winter, Christmas is still my absolute, hands-down FAVORITE holiday.  Not because of the presents, although, I would be a liarliarpantsonfire if I said I didn't like getting presents, but because everyone seems so much nicer to people during this time.  Annnnddddd...I love the decorations. :)

 This is my tree.

 This was my very first ornament.  I believe my Nana made it for me when I was born. :)

 My dad made this ornament for my first Christmas.  It's the partridge in a pear tree.  Sadly, no more followed.  I think it must have been my brother's fault.  ;)

 My Nana made this one, too.

 One of miss raven's first ornaments.

 This shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me. :)
As an interesting side note, my BFF has one JUST LIKE IT.  :)

 I think this was ornament number three or four.  We used to get special ornaments just for us every year.

The angel on the top of my tree.  I love my angel.  She was a cheapy from K-mart.

 I have a thing for case you couldn't tell.

 Can't take the credit for this dad made it for me several years ago. :)

Santa door hanging-thing. best Christmas present ever. :)

Tomorrow may or may not be the last day of school before the break.  It will depend on what happens with the weather.  Either way, I won't know until the morning, so I can't sleep in.  As much as I would love to start my vacation a day early, I really don't want the kids to miss out on their parties.  Especially since we would have to do them when we came back from break and NO ONE wants that!

Time to decide if having ice cream is worth it or not tonight.

Toodles! :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm still here...

You know how it gets around this time of the year, though....crazy busy doesn't even begin to describe it!

I took a much needed day off today.  No, I didn't go anywhere.  Well, nowhere except my kitchen.  I think I baked about a bazillion and one Christmas cookies today.  I still have about a gazillion and one more to go.  So far today I have baked eight dozen chocolate chip cookies, six dozen oatmeal/cranberry cookies, and two dozen brownies.  I have made enough Snickerdoodle dough for eight dozen snickerdoodles and enough butter cookie dough for roughly one hundred gobzillion butter cookies.  I still have another pan of brownies to bake and two pans of pumpkin bars.  I think the pumpkin bars will wait for tomorrow.  I have a new recipie that I want to try and I don't have the gumption to do it tonight.  If I find said gumption, I may also try a recipie I found for a version of Starbucks Cranberry Bliss bars.  It looks semi-easy and I do love those bars a great deal.  So...we'll see.

Right now, as you can see, I am taking a break.  It is beyond freaking cold here and my feet feel like ice cubes.  Sadly, I am afraid they will feel this way until, I don't know, April or May I guess.  Sigh.

Funny story:

I go out to get the mail today.  In the mail I find one of those little sample box things.  I think to myself  "Hmmm....I don't remember signing up for a free sample of anything.  I wonder what it could be."  I come inside, putter around the kitchen and decide to check out the mail.  Much to my surprise and delight, it was a wee little box of tissues from Kleenex.  Apparently, my brother decided to send me a wee little box of tissues to help make up for the three ginormous ones that I went through during my recent cold (that I am still not completely over much to my dismay).  I got a good laugh out of that.

Ok.  I guess it was only a funny story to me.  Sorry.

Off to bake more cookies!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Can you believe...

that it is almost Christmas?  Yeah, me either.

I am thrilled, though, because not only is Christmas vacation a less than TWO weeks away, I decided to take this Friday off!  Whoo-hoo for the personal day! :)

I don't know what your weather is like but it is crazy cold here.  I understand that it could be much worse.  I could live in Alaska.  I don't, though, and I hate being cold.  I don't think that I have mentioned that before.


Things are crazy at work but that is normal for this time of the year.  The kids are frantic for the break and they don't seem to understand that we are, too.  Maybe even more so.

Is your Christmas shopping done?  Mine isn't.  And it probably won't be until December 23ish or so.  I'm such a slacker.

Speaking of slacking...I think I am going to go play games on Facebook.

toodle-do! :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010