Thursday, December 13, 2012

it's more blessed to give...

than to receive.

i'm repeating that to myself over and over.

i participated in a Christmas swap on Ravelry again this year.

this is the fourth swap i have participated in and the second Christmas one.  i have been pretty much pleased with the other three swaps.  this one, though...not so much.

i was already disenchanted with this one because the person that i was supposed to be sending to posted little to no information about her likes/dislikes.  i did the best i could and, in my opinion, sent off a very nice package today.  i came home from work to find my very own package waiting for me.

i was excited.  i LOVE getting presents and being surprised.  i couldn't wait to open it and find out what goodies my person sent me.  i had spent a lot of time making sure that i answered all the questions posted and had all my information up-to-date.  i just knew this was going to be another good experience.


the first thing to disappoint me was the unbelievable smell of cigarette smoke that assaulted me when i opened the package.  i'm not kidding when i say that it literally made my eyes water.  pretty much everything was wrapped, which was nice, and i decided to try to get past the smell and open the presents.


it appears as though much of what i receive was re-gifted.  there didn't seem to be much thought put in to my "gift" and, i have to say, my feelings are a little hurt.  there were three redeeming things in the package:

  1. a small jar of vanilla bean pods (useful because i do love to bake.)
  2. a tile Christmas coaster (it is cute and i do like it.)
  3. two stitch markers (i think they are handmade but am not sure.)
the yarn i was sent reeks of smoke and right now i have most of it placed in a ziploc bag with a dryer sheet.  the "homespun" i was sent looks like someones first attempt...i don't mean to sound ungrateful, but my feeling is, if you are going to send someone something handmade, make sure it looks nice and is useable.  there is NO WAY i can use the "hand spun" i was sent.  even if it wasn't a "first attempt" there isn't enough there to make anything usable.

needless to say, i am very disappointed with this swap experience.  (i can STILL smell the smoke on my clothes three hours later and it is giving me a headache.)  i wish people would think before they send things or even before they sign up to participate in something like this.  i know this is the Christmas season and i probably shouldn't gripe and complain, but right now i am just a little sad.

i did send a message to the moderator of the swap to let her know about these issues.  i made sure she understood that i wasn't seeking another package, just wanted to let her know about the lack of consideration in the one i received.


the kids did a great job today at their Christmas program.  i was SO proud of them, as usual.  :)

only SIX more school days until VACATION!!!!!

time to knit!

have a HAPPY FRIDAY!  :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

it's the most busiest time...

of the year.

no kidding!

school has been crazy busy.  my kids are wonderful and i love them so much.  even at 1:37 when i feel like the day will never, EVER end and i don't think i can take anymore.  they bring so much joy to my heart.  they have such a good reputation in the school. not only are they freaking BRILLIANT, they are also respectful, obedient, and well-mannered.  they almost make me want to move up to 6th grade next year.  almost.

did i  mention how freaking brilliant they are?  they did an amazing job on our first benchmark testing and rocked the science test today.

i'm so proud of them!

on the knitting front:

  • i finished the present that i was making for my niece.  can't post pictures right now because it is a christmas present.
  • i am currently working on a scarf.  i totally love the pattern and am proud of myself because i am (successfully) following a chart.
  • NEWS ALERT!!!  i am taking a SOCK knitting class in february!!!   so. freaking. excited.!!!!
that is all for now.  i still need to work on the scarf and survivor is on.

have a great night!


Monday, December 3, 2012


Here I am again...

It seems like the last couple of weeks have flown by.  It's amazing how fast time moves when you get older.  I can't believe that the school year is almost half over!

Thanksgiving didn't end up being as lonely as I was anticipating.  A friend of mine from work invited me to spend the afternoon with her family and I was so thankful.  It was nice to not be alone.  I'm really not a people person and I have a hard time making small talk with people I don't know.  They made it really easy, though, and I did have a very nice time.  And the food was wonderful.  :)

The tree is up and, as usual, I love it.  I got a couple of new ornaments this year and they have found their place quite nicely.  If I could change one thing I would add more lights, though.  Can never have too many lights on the tree.  :)

I had to put FOUR new tires on my truck.  I was only going to get two new ones and then I got to BJ's tonight to have the two new ones put on only to discover that the ones they ordered were narrower than the ones that were on the truck.  Of course they put the fault on me and because they tires they ordered are a viable option for the truck they won't do anything about it.  AND...since you can't safely drive the truck with mis-matched tires, I had to get two more to match the two I just bought.  UGH.  On the bright side...I did need two tires and was going to have to get the other two after the new year.  So....better safe than I sorry, I suppose.

The Cowboys beat the eagles last night.  SWEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't even tell you how much joy it brings to my heart that the eagles SUCK OUT LOUD ALL DAY LONG THIS YEAR.  I love it with a love so deep and meaningful that I can't put it into words.  Because I'm passive-aggressive like that. ;)

Coffee's done, puppy needs attention (I waited at BJ's for TWO hours to get the tires put on tonight.  miss raven is feeling rather neglected.), and I am tired!