Monday, August 30, 2010

Gimme a "B"!!!!....

(hehehehehehe....BFF and WBFF , I know what you are thinking.  Now, stop it. ;P )

Gimme a "B"....for boring.  That pretty much describes me.  Now wait....I'm not having a pity party, I promise.  Just some introspection....

I am the total opposite of a risk taker.  I don't do roller coasters, I don't talk to strangers, I don't try something just for the heck of it, I don't drive in the city (Which is going to be a HUGE problem come early October.  If you are a female and used to live with me, please don't say a word.).  I should wear a a "B" on a cape or something because, seriously, I am boring.

I like safety.  Alot.  I like knowing what is going on.  I like a plan.  I like to follow said plan.  Spontenaity?  Not me.  I triple {heart} a schedule.  In the past several years I have been trying to learn to be flexible when it comes to a "set" schedule, but it isn't easy.  Change, me no likey.

Oh.  Please don't think I am having a pity party.  I promise I'm not.  Just giving you some insight.  Honest. :)  I'm actually pretty peppy right now.

**BTW--I tried to post this yesterday.  I got the WHOLE way through the post and it wouldn't publish.  Worse, it didn't save most of it.  If you heard a really, really loud scream last night, it was me.**

Well, yesterday I was seriously wanting real Chinese food.  You know, authentic, not Panda Express.  I'm not hating on PE, just wasn't wanting it.  So, where do you go when you want real Chinese food?  Duh!  Chinatown!  So, I took my (normally) boring self to Chinatown.  Calm down.  I didn't drive.  ;)

I got to Chinatown and looked around before deciding on a restaurant called (insert silly, girlie giggle here) Ping Pong.  They are known for their Dim Sum.  You don't know what dim sum is?  Ok.  Let me try to explain.'s kind of like tapas.  What?  You don't know what tapas is, either?  Ok.  (lol!)  Tapas is little "bites" of food.  Kind of like different kinds of appetizers.  Dim Sum is the Chinese version.  So, Ping Pong has many different items on the menu to choose from.  Each "dish" gets you 3-4 pieces of the same thing.  They suggest that you order 3-5 dishes per person, depending on how hungry you are.  They also have "Set" menus.  On the set menus, you get a sampling of some different things.  I chose the vegetarian set menu not because I am a vegetarian but because I didn't like any of the other options.  So, here is what I got:

2 baked vegetable puffs (these were in a puff pastry and were A-mazing!)
2 steamed spinach and mushroom dumplings (tasty)
1 steamed vegetable bun (interesting in a good way)
2 steamed spicy vegetable dumplings (spicy?  oh, so true!  delicious?  yes!!)
1 steamed vegetarian sticky rice (this was the one I was the most apprehensive about, but, as it turned out, it was delicious!  who knew?)
2 fried vegetable spring rolls (i know, i know.  fried.  sigh.  but they were tiny.  aaaannnndddd delicious.)
1 side dish of water chesnut and cabbage pickle (yeah, that one, not so tasty)

All of that was on TEN dollars!  Can you believe the bounty that I got for such a low price?  It was totally worth it.

I can't promise that I am done being boring and will be a huge risk taker person from now on.  Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

I think the calendar is playing tricks on me and other such nonsense....

because, really.  Today can't be only Thursday.  Seriously.  It has to be, I don't know, maybe some random Thursday in December, maybe.


I'm not even close to beginning to be able to tell you how this week has just dragged by.  I honestly feel like I have done 4 months worth of work in just 4 days.  FOUR days.  It has only been FOUR days, people.  Where oh where did my summer go?

In case you were wondering, I am still a human vaccuum cleaner.  I really must stop inhaling any food type product that comes my way.  If only I didn't like food so much.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?  My summer guilty pleasure (I say summer because that way I can get away with having more than one.  Now that's thinking, people.) is Big Brother.  I don't watch many reality shows (Survivor, the Biggest Loser, and every once in a while the Amazing Race if I am really bored...) but this one just cracks me up.  The immaturity, childishness, and nonsense that goes on in that house makes me laugh.  Currently I am flipping back and forth between Big Brother and the Colts/Packers game, which ESPN is tagging as MNF.  Ok, I know I am having calendar issues but I KNOW I didn't miss my weekend.  I have been looking forward to it way TOO much to have lost any of it.

Can I tell you how glad I am that tomorrow is Friday?  Oh, day of sweet relief, you can't come fast enough!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Last night my big dilemma (other than, should I have a rum and cokezero or not) was what time I should wake up this morning.  The FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL (ba, ba, bum!).  I thought (briefly) about getting up around 5:30 and going for a (much needed) run.  I am pretty sure I even set the alarm for 5:30.  You know, five, THREE, zero. 

Too bad miss raven didn't get the memo.  She (and her bladder) decided that the appropriate time to wake me up would be 5:15.  Five, ONE, five.


So, while I didn't sleep in, I, um, didn't go for a run either.  Yes, the proper word to be thinking at this time would be L.A.Z.Y.  I'm not to proud to admit it.  I did, however, come home tonight and do an hour's worth of yardwork including mowing the lawn, using the weedwhacker, and trimming some branches from a couple of trees.  That should count for something.

The first day of school was pretty much what I thought it would be.  Busy, crazy, stressful, complicated, tiring know, all of those kinds of adjectives.  Not horrible, though.  I am pretty sure I was on my feet constantly from 7:30 to 11:45.  And then again from 2:30ish until 4:30.  Needless to say, my feeet are tired and sore.  Very, very sore.  They aren't used to be used quite so much!

I wish I could say that tomorrow won't be just as , but it will.  Actually, pretty much ALL of my week will be like that.  1 down, 179 to go.  Not that I am counting or anything.  LOL!!!  I said that to a student at the end of the day.  He said to me, "When you put it like that it sounds so depressing."  I had to laugh because he was right.  I told him to instead focus on the fact that we have nine more days of school until we get a day off (Labor Day).  That made him feel better and, you know what?  It made me feel better, too.

1 down, 9 to go....before Labor Day......

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A day in the life....

miss raven has decided to blog today in my stead.  enjoy!

here is a day in my life:


wake up, go potty.

eat cheerios.

early morning nap while mommy gets ready to go to work.  every so often i open one eye to see if she is gone yet.  i have her pretty well trained.  she doesn't leave without saying goodbye to me and giving me a kiss on the head.  even if that means she has to hunt to find me.  i like to hide sometimes in the morning to give her a challenge.  especially if i know she is running late.

mid-morning nap.

wake up, stretch, find a comfy spot, go back to sleep.

noon-time nap.

wake up, stretch, eat a few crunchies, find a sun-spot, go back to sleep.

early afternoon nap.

wake up, decide it is time for mommy to come home, take up my corner on the back of the couch and wait to hear the truck make it's funny beep.

get a little annoyed because mommy isn't home yet.

mommy still isn't home so i plan on how i am going to get back at her tonight.  probably need to go potty around two in the morning.

mommy's home!!!!  act really happy when she comes in because sometimes she feels so guilty for leaving me all day that she gives me a treat before dinner!

go outside and go potty.  bark.  alot.

come back in, watch mommy get her supper ready.  pretend i'm not interested because i know she isn't going to give me any anyway.

take a bath.  i'm clean like that.

act disinterested when mommy puts my supper out.  i have to make her pay for being late.

give in and scarf it up.  mmmm mmmmm mmmmm good!

go potty.

eat my treats.

nap until bedtime.

the end.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

She is my love....

you can be sure of that.

This is my love, lest you forgot:
Currently, she is sleeping behind me on the couch, much like a neck pillow.  I love this little dog like nothing else. 

Lately, work has been extremely stressful.  Remember how it was at the beginning of last year?  Yeah, worse.  Worse times four.

makes it better.

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I was too tired when I got home.  Not physically tired, but completely and utterly mentally exhausted.  So I didn't blog at all  yesterday.  Did you miss me?

I'm tired tonight, too, but when I got home today, she:
was waiting for me and greeted me like the best thing that could have ever happened to her was me walking through the door.

How can I resist this face?
I can't, I tell you.  I just can't.

One thing that makes me laugh about her is this:
She is the only dog I know that can shove her entire back paw in her mouth and look at me nonchalantly while doing it as if to say, "What?  Can't a girl take a bath without being interrupted?"

I love the looks she gives me.  The girl has personality, that's for sure!

side note:  thanks to my favorite non-family-member cowboys fan for talking to me today!  I really, really appreciate your friendship! :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday...

my brother suggested Ten Things that are super awesome about him, or some such nonsense (lol).  Instead, I give to you:


1.  Eat. 

Lately, I have been doing way more of that than I should.  Case in point:  I did really well during the day today.  I ate a healthy, nutritious breakfast; a healthy, nutritious lunch; and a healthy, nutritious dinner.  And then, all heck broke loose.  I was stressing about work and, before I knew it, had eaten air-popped popcorn (healthy), a couple of handfuls of hummus chips (completely unnecessary), quite a few peppermint meringues (totally unnecessary), a strawberry frozen fruit bar (planned for), and, the "icing on the cake" so to speak....about a bazillion chocolate covered almonds.  I can't keep telling myself that it's ok, I can start over tomorrow.  If I continue to do that every day I am going to have to buy a whole new (larger) wardrobe and that is NOT acceptable to me.  I need to get my willpower back.

2.  Pick at the skin on my thumbs. 

Currently they are a bloody raw mess.  Thank you, powersthatbe.

3.  Pick at the skin on my heels making it difficult to walk without a great deal of pain.

Again, thank you powersthatbe.

4.  Cry. 


Those are the top four.  And the ones I do the most.  Please, no scolding, BFF.  My thumbs and heels hurt enough.  The rest of the ten I should do but often react by doing the top four first.  I know, I know, something I need to work on.

5.  Pet miss raven.  Trust me, it is much appreciated.

6.  Call my BFF.  I know, this one really should be higher on the list.

7.  Put on the iPod and dance around the house to "Love Shack".  Don't laugh.  The B-52's are way cool.

8.  Go for a walk.  Yeah, I know.  That would really help out with the first one, right?  Sigh.

(I think I got a mosquito bite in a very indelicate place.  Not that you wanted to know that.  Sorry.)

9.  Blog.  Again, if I did this one more, and the first one less, I wouldn't have a clothes issue.

10.  All of the above.  I know, that's a cop-out but I needed another one so this is what you get.

Wordless Wednesday tomorrow.  Have a good night.

Coffee, here I come!!!!! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's baaaacccccckkkkk.....

the Twilight Zone music, that is.

Something notsogood happened to me at school today.  I can't, however, blog about it because a friend of mine reminded me that everything that is on the internet is subject to viewing by people you may not want to see it.  This includes, but is not limited to, your employer.


Just take it from me that, after 16 years of faithful service, what happened today felt like a giant slap in the face.  Again I say, I wish that the parents/students/teachers that really do like me would speak up (ie:  write letters of commendation to the powersthatbe) so that it isn't the small percentage of complainers that the powersthatbe are hearing.  I know I do a good job....I know I do.


On a completely unrelated, but much happier note, MNF is on tonight.  For those of you who aren't sure what I am talking about *cough* BFF *cough* that would be Monday Night Football.  You are not allowed to say anything about that, either.  You forfieted that right this whole season by moving SIXTEEN hours away from me.  Yes, I am still upset about that.  So there.  : op

My power went out again today.  No, there was no storm.  It just randomly went out.  It's back on now.  In case you wanted to know.

My, hasn't this blog been rather random lately?  I think it has.  Tomorrow is supposed to be Ten Things Tuesday.  Any requests?

I think it is time for some coffee.  With peppermint mocha coffee creamer.  I love you, Coffeemate.

I need a date to a wedding in October.  Anyone have an idea?  A friend?  A brother?



In case you are wondering, the New York (football) Giants are about to score a touchdown.

Goodnight.  Again.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My blogging mojo....

seems to have deserted me.  I fear you are going to have to put up with more useless ramblings from yours truly.  Well, you don't have to put up with it, really.  You could leave.  But I hope you don't.  I mean that.

I went out with a good friend today.  It was a nice way to end my "summer".  I fear that summer is officially over when the teachers come back to school.

I bought Fantasy Football for Dummies.  My favorite aunt sent me an invitation to join her league and I want to desperately but really, honestly, and truly know absolutely nothing about how to play.  I am hoping that, by reading this book, I will learn a little.

I also purchased The Art of Racing in the Rain.  It is apparently a book that is told by a dog's perspective.  It sounds good and I am looking forward to getting it.  I ordered it from Amazon.  Along with that I also ordered a book about the Dallas Cowboys.  It is their 50th year of existence and, apparently, that deserves a book.  I got it on Amazon because it was a whole heck of alot cheaper than in Border's.  Thanks, Freddie. :)

I think peppermint mocha coffee creamer makes everything better.  Almost.

I still can't figure out how to upload that video of the whale.  I fear I have failed you.  I'm sorry. :(

Pre-season football has started.  If you are really, really quiet, you can hear the angels singing.  Shhhhhhhh.

Tomorrow is a day chock-full of meetings.  That does not thrill me at all.  Hmmmmm.....I do have Fantasy Football for Dummies...I wonder if anyone would notice if I read it during the meetings......

I made back-to-school goodies bags for my teachers.  I'm nice like that, but, because I am not rich like that, there isn't alot in there.  It's the thought that counts, though, right?

How delusional is it of me to tell myself that, the only reason I had to buy a spectacular new dress at Target to wear to Parent Orientation on Friday in a bigger size than I should, is because their sizes are ALL wrong at Target?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  Sigh.

In case you were missing her.

I will continue to search for my blogging mojo.  I don't want to lose any of you along with it.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Things that make me want to scream....

1.  Traffic/accidents on every avaliable route to where I am trying to go.
I was supposed to visit some family tonight and I couldn't because of accidents/traffic jams/road work on EVERY avaliable way to go.

2.  Wanting something so much and watching everyone else get what you want.

3.  Having years of blood/sweat/tears/prayers seemingly mean nothing because of a handful of complainers.  No proof, mind you, just "complaints."  No talking to anyone else, either.  That would be...fair.

4.  Waking up thinking that you are going to get something you really need that day, REALLY need, only to find out, rather impersonally, that you are going to have to wait another week.  Gee, I hope that the people who need what I have to send will be as understanding as I am.

5.  Knowing that my BFF is too far away for me to visit.  This one also makes me want to cry.

That's all I can think of right now.  I'll let you know if I think of more.  I am hoping that I won't be as whiny and complainy tomorrow.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

5 years....

and I miss you as much today as ever.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Does anyone else....

hear that eerie Twilight Zone music, or is it just me?

It's just me, isn't it?


Well, I did say yesterday that, if I blogged today then the meeting that I was feeling apprehensive about would have gone well. wasn't awful but it wasn't wonderful either.  This is going to be an interesting year.  Or, at the very least, an interesting 90 days.  We shall see.

There's that music again.

You know what would be nice?  If, at some point, some of the parents that actually really like me at school would write letters to the leadership stating what a good job I do.  Why is it always only the parents who are mad at me that complain?  That makes it look so one-sided and I know, know, know that there are parents out there that really do think I am doing well.  I wish that they would say that (writing it is better because then there is proof) more often.  :(

I know I haven't done anything wrong and I am not going to stress out about it but I was so hoping for a year when I didn't have to constantly watch my back.

On the bright side--I finally got the rest of my security deposit back.  Whoo-hoo!!!!!  I am finally and completely done with that fiasco!  To be fair, the landlord that paid me today isn't the landlord who lied to me and led me to believe things that weren't true (Yes, I had two landlords.  They both owned the place.).  The one that paid me today is sweet and apparently was lied to also about things concerning my roommate and I.  No surprise there.  I am so thankful that it is all over with, though, and I never have to deal with it again.  Yea!!!!!!!!!!

Did I tell you that I ate here:
on my recent vacation?  Yep, it is the same one that was in the movie.  It was pretty cool and, of course, they have gone with the whole "ourplacewasinamoviesowearegoingtoplaythataslongaswecan" theme.  There are all kinds of things you can buy that are "movie" related.  I'm too cheap frugal for that.  I bought a small diet soda so that I could have the plastic cup and I saved the top of the pizza box.  If I get the ambition I may frame it.  We'll see.  At least I have the pictures, right?

I'm still trying to figure out how to upload the whale-watching video.  I thought I had it figured out, but alas, I did not.  I will keep trying for you, though, because I know that is the only reason you keep coming back to my ohsoentertaining blog.


Goodnight from the Twilight Zone.....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to Work.....

So, after three lovely, fun-filled weeks off, I went back to school today.  It wasn't too bad, although I do have a meeting tomorrow that I am a wee bit apprehensive about.  If I blog tomorrow, you'll know it went ok.  I'll let you know.  You mean that much to me. 


I came home and mowed the lawn.  I can do that now because I have a lawnmower.
Quick update:  I got HALF of my security deposit back.  The former landlord decided that she would communicate with my former roommate (and not me) and give her half the money back.  My former roommate split that half with me so that she and I each got half of our total back.  I am supposed to be getting the rest of it tomorrow.  I'll keep you updated.  Because I know how much you care.  Right?
Anywho.  It was stinking hot outside, but the lawn needed mowing or else miss raven would have gotten lost in the dense forest that was becoming my lawn.  I also weedwhacked.  I felt empowered.  Kind of.  I should get out the power tools, too.


Speaking of miss raven and yes, we were, her she is:
Isn't she just the sweetest thing?  In case you were wondering, the correct answer to that question is YES.
She is doing very well in her new home and loves having a yard to play in.  Today she was very brave, barking and chasing a big, scary, noisy helicopter out of our yard.  Apparently they were not aware that there is a "No Fly Zone" over our house and she was reminding them.  What would I do without her??

The Cowboys won last night.  Even though it was only a pre-season came and doesn't count for anything, it was still nice to see them win.  I hope to see ALOT more of that in the weeks to come.  Especially the season opener.  Against the deadskins.  Ugh.

Time to make some coffee.  Good night.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Much ado about pretty much nothing....

This was my last weekend of freedom.  My vacation is over; I go back to work tomorrow and my next day off isn't until Labor Day.  Even though I have been a principal for three years now, I still haven't gotten over the loss of my summers.  I miss having the whole, long, blessed summer off.  Sigh.  I know, spoiled, right?

I did have a good weekend, though.  I used my new grill yesterday to grill some turkey tenderloins.  I had a good friend come over for dinner and we had the turkey, fresh pasta salad, homemade biscuits, and fresh, hot, homemade peach crisp.  Yes, I am bragging because yes, I am a good cook.

Today I went to Ikea and got some new dinner plates, exchanged some sleep pants at Old Navy, got a few things (including a meat thermometer) at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and went to Rita's.  What can I say?  I wanted to go out with a bang.  Lol.

Tonight is the Hall of Fame game.  The COWBOYS are playing the bungles (bengals) and, even though it is ONLY a pre-season game, I would still like to see the COWBOYS win, especially since ME-O (terrell owens) plays for the bungles now.

I am going to do my best to eat better from now on.  I have gained some serious weight since last Thanksgiving and I need to get rid of it because I REFUSE to buy a new wardrobe in a bigger size.  REFUSE.

This is a pretty random post.  To add to the randomness I will say two  three more things:

1.  Hardly any one of the blogs I follow have blogged lately.  I fear I have nothing to read.

2.  Comments have drastically declined on my blog.  Um.  HELLO out there?!?!

3.  I think I will go make some coffee.  With peppermint coffee creamer.

Good night and GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

It finally came to me....

I have literally spent all day trying to think about what to blog about today.  Literally.  I had a million things going through my head and kept discarding them one by one for various reasons.  Too dark, too depressing, too many people would read it and think I was talking about them, too whiny, too....well, you get the picture.

Then, it finally came to me.  Well, it came to me with the help of Facebook (my name is melicity and I am a Facebook-a-holic).  Instead of blogging about how much I am currently hating life and all that comes with it because I think it is UNBELIEVABLY unfair, I will blog about this happy and true story:

Tonight I was perusing through my friends on FB.  I came across a young man who had been in my very first fourth grade class.  I saw, much to my horror (and I only say horror because of how OLD it made me feel) that he is married.  Wait?  How on earth can he be old enough to be married.  He was just in fourth grade like last year, right?  Ok.  Maybe more like 16 years ago, but still......

Anyway, I commented to him how old his being married made me feel and then I had a hunch.  He had a friend who was also in my first fourth grade class.  His friend was a good kid and I really liked his parents.  I wondered if his friend was also on FB.  Much to my delight, there he was.  Also married.  And with a SON.  I fear I need to go cane shopping tomorrow.

Anyway, this second young man...I shall call him "D" (mostly because his real name starts with a D and I am to darn lazy right now to think of a good pseudonym for him.  But apparently not too lazy to spell "pseudonym" correctly, go figure.)...and I had a nice little conversation.  He is doing well, his parents are doing well, his little sister (who I also taught in 4th, 6th, and 8th grades--long story) is doing well.  I was happy to hear all that.  Very happy.

About the same time I was also having a conversation with a current students who is about to be in 11th grade.  She was telling me about one of the little girls that was in her summer camp class.  This particular little girl (who is going into 2nd grade) happens to be a favorite of mine.  Frankly speaking, if I ever am blessed to have a little girl, I want one just like her.  This little one was telling the 11th grader how much she loves me and will miss me when she moves away after this coming school year. (Yes, I am devastated that she is moving and try not to think about it.  Her mother is in the military and I pray almost every day that her orders get changed so they can stay here.  I am selfish like that.)  I said to the 11th grader that is would be nice if all the kids liked me like that.  We talked for a bit about that and then I told her this true statement:

I do what I do because, on rare occasions, I am rewarded by having a former student come back and tell me about what they are doing with their life.  I get to hear about how they are a college graduate, successful in their field of choice, married (or not) and with a child(ren) (or not).  I get to see the fruit of my labors.  The reward for my tears and frustrations and sleepless nights.  That is when my job is worthwhile.  That is when all of the angry parents, rebellious students, and other issues that I deal with don't matter.  That is when I realize that no amount of money I could make could replace the feeling of pride I feel when I look at this productive member of society and know that I had a small part in creating what they have become.

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it makes everything else...the fact that my BFF is moving, the fact that I am watching yet another friend get married and it still isn't me, the fact that, everywhere I look I see a pregnant women or a newborn and I ache because it isn't me, the fact that, because of everything I just stated all I want is to be able to talk to my mom about it and be comforted by her but I can't...all of that pain and hurt and frustration disappears for a little while and I bask in the glow of one of my "babies" and their accomplishments.

Right now, I live for those moments.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

If you are looking for a sunshiny post....

please pass this blog by.  For today, anyway.

That isn't to say I didn't have a happy, sunshiny post planned for you.  I did.  Complete with pictures, in fact.  And then yesterday afternoon happened and that post went right out the door.

I found out yesterday afternoon that my BFF is moving.  FARTHER away from me.  Like, too far away to drive.  And to a city that Southwest, with their uber-cheap fairs, doesn't service.  It figures.  Have you looked at airline prices lately?  And, lest anyone forget, miss raven, as sweet and adorable as she is, doesn't fly free.
As previously stated on this blog of mine, I don't handle change well at all.  And, as luck would have it, this seems to be the summer of change.  It kind of makes me a little scared to go back to work on Monday.

And its August.  I hate August.

Excuse me while I wallow in self-pity.

I'll do my best to be all sunshiny and dragonflies and butterflies tomorrow.

But not today.

So there.

: oP

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Whale of a vacation wrap up....


Are you still with me through all this vacation re-cap?  Awwwwww.  Thanks!  You rock! :)

This is the last day, I promise.

Day 4:

Day 4 started bright and early.  Well, bright anyway.  Early, not so much.

I had made reservations a few days before to do something that I have wanted to do for a long time.  Want a hint?  Ok.  Here you go:

I decided to leave from Cape Ann instead of Cape Cod or Boston because I figured it wouldn't be as crowded and besides, they all go to basically the same place anyway.  Now, I need to preface the rest of this by telling you that I was more than a little scared freaking petrified to go out on a boat in the middle of the ocean where sharks live and have been sighted in the past few weeks.  Big sharks.  Big sharks with big teeth.  Big hungry sharks with big, pointy, sharp teeth.  Have I made my point?  I was, however, willing to give it a go seeing as how the boat itself was fairly large and the chances of it, I don't know, sinking to the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean, were pretty slim.  Besides, I really wanted to see one of these:

I will tell you at the outset that this is one of the best pictures.  He never came completely out of the water.

Yep.  I went whale watching (and did you notice that my post title was a little witty today?  Oh come on, you know it was.).  I had the time of my life, contrary to how I look in this picture:

I hesitated putting this picture up.  Not only do I look ROUGH because of the sea-wind, but dang it!, it's like this picture is screaming, "Look, look at the 'girls'!!"  Please, don't.
Please disregard the death grip that I appear to have on the railing.  Well, I did have a death grip and I do look a bit, shall we say, apprehensive, but just ignore all that. I also ended up SOAKING wet, which they failed to mention might happen.  It totally surprised me and the rest of the day I was sticky from the salt water.  But let us not dwell on the unpleasentness, ok?  Instead, feast your peepers on these pictures:
Meet Grackle

A 13 year old humback whale.

Who was apparently VERY hungry the day we visited him.  Thankfully.

The naturalist on the boat said she estimated he weighed a lot of tons.

His tail is 15 feet wide.

He came out of the water 3 times to say hello.  I thought that was very polite of him.
I have a video, but for some reason I can't upload it.  I'll try again tomorrow, I promise.

I have to tell you, if you ever get the chance to go on a whale watch, do it.  It was incredible and amazing and thrilling and one of the best things I have ever been able to do.

Here are a few more random pictures:

I hope you have enjoyed my vacation re-cap.  Thanks for reading.  Tomorrow we will return to my regularly scheduled, normally boring life. ;)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 3

WARNING:  this is another makeyoureyeballsbleed post.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Sorry.  I'm not too clever in the comingupwithtitles area.  You're stuck with the borinness that is Day 3.  I'll do my best to not make the post too boring.  I promise. :)

Day 3.  I won't lie.  I was pretty darned excited about Day 3.  You see, Day 3 found me ready to head into to the actual city of Boston.  I decided to wait and do Boston on Sunday because I figured that I wouldn't have to fight as much traffic on a Sunday.  I was right.  I'm smart like that.  And humble.  ;)

I got into the city pretty early and decided to make my way to Christ Church, better known as the Old North Church, from which hung the lanterns that signaled Paul Revere to take his famous ride.  (Wow!  Long sentence there.)  I made my way through Little Italy, which was SO cool, and got to the church at just the right time.  The first pictures are of the Paul Revere statue, the next are of the steeple, and the last ones in this sequence are of the inside of the church:
I left there and went to Paul Revere's house.  Again, being money conscious, I opted to skip the tour of the house and just took these pictures from the outside:

Here are some random pictures from my walk around the city:
I walked back to Fanuiel Hall and Quincy Market.
I was super-excited about being there, but I have to tell you, I was a wee bit let down.  I guess I expected it to be more ecclectic, kind of like Eastern Market, but it wasn't.  Quincy Market was just regular chain stores, with a few unusual shops.  Fanuiel Hall was interesting because, although it was entirely filled with food, it was different kinds of stands.  Just about anything you could want to eat you could find there.  Being the adventurist that I am, I chose dog and fries.  I know, I know...what a risk taker, right?  :)

The do have a replica of the Original Cheers and that was kind of cool to see:

I went to Boston Common (A big park.  Think Central Park only not quite so large.) and the Boston Public Gardens.  I LOVED it there!  Honestly, I could have stayed there all day long and not been bored at all.  I wanted to go there so I could get a picture of this:
Isn't he just the sweetest little guy??!!

I love, love, love the picture of the little ducking standing up.  It is just too cute!

Here are some more pictures from the garden and yes, I was really that close to the swan:

My final stop in the city was here:

For those of you unsportsman-like people *cough, BFF, cough* that is Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox.  Now, as I have mentioned before, I am not a baseball fan.  If I was going to be a baseball fan I would root for the Yankees, not the Red Sox, but I couldn't pass up a historical landmark like Fenway.  Being in a major league baseball park is kind of a neat experience, even if you aren't a fan.  Here are some more pictures:

Tomorrow is my last installment of VACATION DAYS, 2010.  I promise you that, if you like nature and animals and water, you will LOVE tomorrow's post.

On a completely unrelated (although it does have to do with vacation) note:  Today my dad and I drove up to Delaware to have lunch with my usedtobefromVegasnowfromPhilly aunt (heretofore known as AJ).  We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and I have the poundage to prove it.  (Warning to the fat that is now occupying my body:  you have been comfy and squishy look enough.  Start packing, flab.  You will be leaving soon.)  The food was deliciously yummy, of course, and I brought a new kind of cheesecake home to try (lemon/raspberry decadence).  I'll let you know how good it was tomorrow, assuming of course that I don't die from the richness.  Anyway, the food was awesome, but the best part was being able to spend time with my aunt.  I am so happy that she has moved back here and am hoping to see her alot more often.  My dad had a really good time too, having not seen her for several years.  He commented many times on the drive home how nice is was to be able to see her and share memories, not only of my mom, but of my grandfather and others in the family. :)

Currently, my dad is sleeping on the couch.  Sitting up.  He was reading the side of a box of drink mix and, oddly enough, is still holding it in his hand.  Hmmmm....he must have sensed me typing about that because he just woke up and put it down.  Well, woke up momentarily.  He is asleep again.  I'm not going to complain because he made me THE most fabulous dinner tonight.  BBQ beef ribs.  Oh lawdy!  God bless the cow that died so that I could consume it's ribs.  Amen.

Off to eat some cheesecake!! :)

ps.  I told you this was going to be a long one! :)  If you stuck with me through the whole thing...THANKS!  You're awesome!! :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame....

I try to keep you in mind, my wonderful readers, when trying to decide what to blog about.  Today I am taking a vacation from the vacation stories in order to keep this post from making your retinas fall off your eyeballs.  Besides, I have two other things to tell you about. ;)

(Side note.  I am SO tired of hearing about Chelsea Clinton's wedding.  SO TIRED.)


My dad is here visiting me.  Yea!!!!  Yesterday we went to Annapolis so that he could visit the "Amish" market there.  We get there, get a primo parking space (A pull-thru, gotta love that!), and headed inside.  The, what to my wondering eyes did appear, but my former landlord and former "friend."  (Insert shocking music here).  They both looked right at me and then completely ignored me.  Now, to be honest, I wouldn't have expected anything less from the former landlord.  After everything I have gone through with her, I never expect to speak with her again.  My former "friend" though, kind of surprised me.  Not even a hello.  Nothing.  Makes me wonder what kind of friendship we had to begin with. 

The funniest thing was, though, it was like they were intentionally trying to avoid me inside the market.  Like I was going to go out of my way to go up and talk to them.  I had to laugh.  And laugh.  And laugh.  It is amazing how immature some "adults" can be.  I told me dad that, here I had thought that I had gained weight over the summer, but apparently, I lost so much I became invisible.  LOL!  If only.  I see a serious diet coming to my home shortly.  But not until after dad has left.  I have a few more days to enjoy myself.  ;)

Last night we went to a Nationals game.  For those of you that don't know, the Nationals are the major league baseball team in Washington, DC.  My dad likes baseball.  Alot.  Me, not so much.  I don't mind going though, because my dad likes it and because I can people watch.  It was a sell-out crowd last night and the Nats were playing the Phillies (from Philadelphia, PA).  The game was really good, actually.  It was a close game and it came down to the bottom of the 9th inning.  The Nats had two guys on base and one out.  The third baseman, Ryan Zimmerman, came to the plate and ended up crushing a ball into center field giving the Nats a 7-5 victory.  The best part was that there were a billion Phillies fans in the park and they were POSITIVE that their team was going to win (since they had lost the night before).  It was sweet to have the home team win in that kind of environment.

People with personal space issues (like me) do not enjoy some of what happens at a ballgame.  The seating can be a little tight, the lines for food are long (don't ever expect to get ice cream AND see the game.  It WON'T happen, I promise), and OMG!, getting to the Metro after the game.......I was starting to freak out a little with all the people closing in on me.  We got to the train just in time because if I had to smell one more drunk I think I would have puked all over him/her.

No pictures for this post.  I am SO sorry, BFF.  I totally forgot my camera and didn't realize it until we were halfway to the Metro.  I would have gone back but we were running late and I didn't have time.  You'll just have to pretend and use your imagination. :)

Back to the vacation tomorrow!