Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guess who's at it again...

Well, if you guessed Speshul Snowflake you are correct.

I'm so mean.

No, really.  I am.

I make my students do (are you ready for this??)...


What on earth am I thinking?!?  How dare I expect them to (gasp!) work in school?!?!

I'm cruel.  I know.

So now we all have to have a lovely sit down meeting next week.  Mommy, Grandmommy (who pays my salary, dontcha know.  BTW--if that is the case, I need a raise because I am not getting paid enough to deal with this.), me, and my principal.  Hehehehe.  My principal who thinks this family is crazy and who is basically going to allow me to tell the (ahem) ladies what the expectations in my classroom are.  When I am finished he is going to tell them that Speshul Snowflake is expected to adhere to said expectations and if they don't like it then they can find another school.

Oh.  It's a brand new day at my school.

A brand.  new.  day.

And I love it.


Tomorrow is art day.

It will not include any of the following:




This makes me happy.

It will, however, include lentils (green and yellow) and various beans, as well as glue and an outline of a pumpkin.

Pictures to follow.

Today, on my way to buy the above mentioned lentils and beans, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts.  I did not get a blueberry iced coffee.  No, no, my dear friends, I did not.  This time I got a little wild and crazy and got a PUMPKIN ICED COFFEE.  Oh yum.  And yum again.

On Friday we went on a field trip.  I should tell you all about it.  I will.


I promise.

Good night.


p.s.  It is raining like crazy outside.  Complete with thunder.  Guess where miss raven is??

p.p.s.  I MISS YOU, BFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Photoshoot..

I know how much you've been missing her, so....

Show me sexy, miss raven:

Work it, girl.  Work it!
Own it!
Now give me pouty!!
That's it!

Show me innocent!
Isn't she so photogenic?!?

You're welcome!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am so lame in coming up with post titles...

that this is best you get tonight.


So.  I have a (kind of) Yarn Along for you today.  On the hook we have this:
And for the book we have this:
The hook is almost done (THANKFULLY!) and the book I have yet to start.  Slacker, I know.

The book intrigues me though, and I bought all three in the series.  I love history and I am sure I will love these "what if" stories.  "What if Napolean hadn't lost."  "What if the Civil War had turned out differently."  etc.  It makes one think.  And thinking is good.  Trust me on that...I am a teacher.


Speaking of being a teacher....And I was.

Speshul Snowflake CAME TO SCHOOL TODAY!  Wow!  But, because of the degree of "Speshulness", there HAD to be drama with the child today.

I had to tell the angel to spit out the gum that was being chomped upon.

Apparently, that was the wrong thing to do.  I am so awful.

I also, oh horrors, had the gall to tell the child to sit properly in the desk.

What was I thinking?!?

And the dear, sweet child, decided that, instead of working on homework at the end of the day (oh the irony of this as it was THIS child's grandmother that accused me of giving too much work and not enough time to do it and her poor grandchild was so over-worked and over-burdended...but, I digress.)  Instead of working on homework, Speshul Snowflake decided that a better use of the time given would be to record all my transgressions from today in a diary:
  • 8:20--Miss Olsen told me to spit out my gum.  She makes me so mad.
  • 9:45--Miss Olsen told me to sit correctly in my seat.  She gets on my last nerve.  She thinks she is so smart.  I am going to tell my mom on her.
Lest I feel "Speshul" about being in said diary, the names of two other children were also included, as they somehow managed to commit sins against Speshul Snowflake.  Needless to say, I was not happy and let that be known.  I told the darling that the diary had better go home and I had best not see it at school again.

A few minutes later I started the class packing up to go home.  Speshul Snowflake comes to me with hugh crocodile tears proclaiming much sorrow over the diary.  I told the dear that I could care less about what was written about me because Snowflake had no right to be mad at me at all, seeing as I how I wasn't the one who had done something wrong.  I was more concerned about the fact that two other children were being made to feel bad about things they had "done" to make Snowflake mad.  I told the child that, if something had been written about her, she wouldn't like it one bit (and believe me, I would hear about it.)  Of course, I just "don't understand", but she is very sorry and will keep it at home from now on.


Oh!  Before I forget:

And my personal favorite:
The wings go on tomorrow.  Phew!

I did some research on the internets this evening and found a really cool Fall Art project involving twigs and seeds.  They did such a good job painting that I am thinking of trying this.  I'll keep you posted.

There, BFF.  Two nights in a row.  Are you happy?


Nighty night!!!

P.S.  Thanks to Ginny for hosting the Yarn Along!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blah,blah, and more blah...

Hello there.

I promise I have not really been MIA recently, although I am sure that it seems like it.  I have thought often, in the last few days, that I should blog, but have been too tired/busy/tired to get it together.  You know how it goes, right?

Things are going ok at school.  I still love my class, although Speshul Snowflake was absent again today.  For no apparent reason this time, either.  Well, I am sure there was a "reason" and I am sure I will hear all about it tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the Spelling test that the little angel didn't want to take today.  In case you are keeping count, she has now been absent 6 out of 18 days. 

I have been remiss in taking pictures of the painted insects.  I meant to take my camera to school today and alas, I forgot.  I will have to remember tomorrow.  I was able to find some glue/goop that has so far seemed to work in the "sticking the head to the body of the insect permanently" area.  This is a good thing.  Tomorrow night I must cut out many pairs of insect wings out of felt.  And finish my lesson plans.

Although I was in the classroom teaching 4th grade for nine years, I still have days where I don't feel completely put together.  I still feel, sometimes, like I am behind all day long.  For whatever reason, it has been so hard for me to get my schedule down.  I don't know if it is because there is so much more in the schedule than there was when last I taught 4th grade, but I hate feeling like this.  I am hoping that the feeling subsides in the next few weeks as I try to get myself better organized.

I am almost done with the second granny square, log cabin, blanket for the other comfy chair in my classroom.  This is a good thing for a couple of reasons:
  1. I am SO tired of granny squares and log cabins.
  2. I have the most stunningly gorgeous forest green cashmere yarn that I want to use.  I finally found something that I want to make with it and plan to start as soon as I am done with the above mentioned blankie.
Other (sports-related) interesting tidbits:
  • Tony Stewart, my favorite NASCAR driver, WON his first race this season on Monday.  The race was supposed to be on Sunday but had to be postponed because of rain.  This puts Smoke in second place in the race for the chase.  This is important because (a) we want him to win the whole shebang and (b) he is ahead of Jimmy Johnson, whom I can't stand.
  • The COWBOYS won their first game this past Sunday.  This is good because (a) I hate when they lose and (b) I hate when they lose.
  • Pre-season hockey has started.  Am I the only person in the country who thinks that it just ended?!?  How is it time to begin again?  And people say football is a long seasoned sport.

Good night.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Do you know how many tissues...

are in a box of Kleenex?

Seeing as how I have gone through almost one whole box this week, you would think that I would know.  I don't.

What I do know is that my head has more snot in it than I ever thought possible (since my last cold), and my nose is red and raw.

I know, I know...Would you like some cheese with your whine??


I really am starting to feel a little better.  Wednesday morning was awful but I felt better this morning, which was good, since today was...


I am happy (and relieved) to report that both I and my students survived the DAY OF PAINT.  To be honest, it tried my patience and at one point I had to stop and take a very deep, very cleansing breath, but we all got through it.

By all, I mean me and the kids.  The insects....not so much.

The heads fell off.

Of the insects, not the kids.  Don't worry.  All 19 students went home with the heads they came to school with today.

Did I say 19?  Silly me, I meant 18.  Speshul Snowflake hasn't been in school for the last day and a half.  She went home early Wednesday because of an "owie".  She came down with the sniffles last night and I was informed today that she will be out until Monday.  Today was Day 12 of the school year and she has already missed 4 days.  The rest of the year should be interesting, no?

I brought my hot glue gun to school today just in case insect eyes fell out.  Some did and I was able to glue them back on.  The heads, though, won't stay on with the hot glue.  I have to figure out a way to keep the heads on or this whole project is going to be a big bust.  I'm thinking either double sided tape or trying to use a bit of clay to affix the head back to the body.

Unless, of course, anyone else has a better idea??  :)

One final note:

It is supposed to be FORTY-EIGHT degrees tomorrow morning.

Me no likey.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Cough, cough...

Welcome back to the classroom, Melicity.  My babies are germy and I think I am a germ-magnet.  My head is starting to hurt, my eyes are watering, and my throat is scratchy.

Sigh.  Sorry to be a whiner.

An update to the "Speshul Snowflake" (thanks, Jen, for that!):

Friday I got a message to call "Grandmama" and boy, did I get an earful.  Including, and I quote, "You give too much homework and don't forget, I pay your salary."


Not only that, she has been in education far longer than I have and it is obvious to her that I don't have any children.

Really nice.  Classy, even.

Oh.  And ours isn't the only private school out there.  She just may take Speshul Snowflake somewhere else.

Cue my innermost thoughts:  Well, madame, there is the door.  Don't let it hit you where they good Lord spilt you.

Not that I said that.  I like my job too much to do that.

I did; however, think it.


One more thing:

Good night.

Cough, cough.  Sneeze, Sneeze.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Day Late...

and a Yarn Along short.


EEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bugs!

So, I obviously missed Yarn Along yesterday.  Guess what I forgot to take to school?

my camera

Told you I would.  Although I did remember my lunch.

I remembered today so, without further ado, I give you...
a finished object!

The kids love it and race to get to the back so they can sit in the comfy chair with the "special" blanket.  I love it.  :)

We survived the day of clay.  There were a few mishaps, like the cherub who thought it would be fun to make a burrito instead of an insect or the angel who thought it was absolutely necessary to pout because her insect wouldn't stand up (Super teacher to the rescue!).  I still have clay under my fingernails and I will be finding "eyes" (beads) for the conceivable future, but they loved it.  Here are some pictures of stage one:

Ok.  So they aren't exactly famous sculptors but do me a favor and pretend you can tell that they are insects

and not weird looking reindeer....

Stage two is next Thursday and it is the painting stage.  I'm a little worried what the burrito kid is going to think of next.


I got my first "polite" parent complaint today.  Apparently I gave WAY too much homework last night for one mommy.  Here's how mean I was:

12 math problems (simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication)
2 Bible verses to write 2x each
5 history questions to answer
1 spelling list to write 1x
1 science quiz to study for

I am so incredibly heartless that I gave the students a 35 minute study hall instead of a 20 minute one.

You can see why I was wrong, right?

;) other thing...the mommy in question picked her darling up from school right at dismissal time (3:20) and she was the FIRST child picked up.  Someone please tell me how the child had to stay up past her bedtime to complete her homework?!?  What, does she go to bed at 5:00???

When I told my principal about this he rolled his eyes and said that the mom had better not complain to him about it.  I found out later that, not only did she call him about the "excessive" amount of homework, she also complained because her child's shoes and socks were wet.




I love my job!

Today I learned that animals with backbones are called "verbebrains"

Good to know.

I love my job!!!!!!!!

Good night!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A random list...

of randomness.

1.  It is raining.  It has rained all day and will continue to rain THE WHOLE WEEK.

2.  I shouldn't complain about the rain because there are many people in Texas who are suffering through the horrible wildfires and would love to have some of this rain.

3.  Nonetheless...rain=indoor recess.  I got away with not having recess today because I made them work on math.  They didn't figure out that they missed recess.

4.  I can 100% guarantee you that I won't be able to get away with that two days in a row.

5.  I am currently trying to type this post with a Chihuahua under my shirt.  Awkward.

6.  Tomorrow is Yarn Along and, wouldn't you know it, I took my FO from last week in to school today.  I'll try to remember my camera tomorrow.

7.  Remembering my camera isn't looking good seeing as how I forgot my lunch today.

8.  I did remember to bring home my work for tonight.  I managed to accomplish the following:  grade history quizzes, grade spelling tests, write lesson plans for 3 out of 7 subjects. 

9.  All in all it was a good evening, work-wise.

10.  Dinner was left-over Moo Shu Delight.

11.  It was delightful.

12.  Just about every day no fewer than three high school students tell me how much they miss me and want me back. 

13.  #youneverknowwhatyou'vegot'tilit'sgone

14.  No, I don't tweet, although I am thinking about it.

15.  Can you use punctuation in tweets?

16.  This list of randomness is getting rather long, don't you think?

17.  The day of clay draws nearer.  The only thing that scares me more is the day of paint.  That's next week.

18.  Pray for me.

19.  No, really.  Pray.  Clay+paint+4th graders=crazy teacher

20.  Goodnight.


Monday, September 5, 2011


dear Summer.

This weekend marked the "official" end of Summer.  To be fair, since I choose to follow the meteorologists and count March 1 as the official first day of spring; I must also concede and count September 1 as the official first day of fall.

(insert huge, soul-wrenching sigh here)

While I didn't necessarily send this weekend out with any kind of bang, I did have a nice time.  I ran some errands on Saturday and Sunday, including visiting my couch at Ikea.  Oh, that's a long story best to be told at another time.

I got some good deals at Michael's and A.C. Moore.  And I managed to NOT buy any hard as that may be to believe.  I was tempted today but just said no.  I did buy candles, though....


We are making insects this week in class.  Please pray for me.  I am not an artist nor do I pretend to be one.  We will be working with Crayola Model Magic, small sticks, beads, pipe cleaners, felt, and (gulp) tempera paints.  I am a little scared.  I'll post pictures of our progress.

Our new admin. is big on creativity and thinking outside the box.  I'm a little nervous because, truth be told, I kind of like the box.  The box is safe.  The box is good.  I like the box.

I'm trying to step a little out of it, though, so we will be making insects.  Paint, clay, and all.

Today I went to see The Help.  You will remember (or maybe you won't) that I read the book this summer after I saw the preview for the movie.  The movie is not as good as the book (they never are) but it is a MUST SEE.  Seriously.  If you get the chance, go see it.  You will be glad you did.  This is a movie that I will probably buy when it becomes avaliable.  It is really good.

When I came home it was raining.  miss raven and I played in the rain.  Well.  I played in the rain and miss raven stood there shooting me death glares while the water dripped off of her.  She was not amused by my display of frivolity.  She is now dried off, wearing her sweatshirt, and snoring under my t-shirt.  I love this little dog so much.  :)

It is time for dinner but I think I will be sitting this meal out.  I didn't exactly eat healthy this weekend and, although I didn't do a horrible job at the movies, I didn't do a spectacular job, either.  I will just sip on my blueberry ice coffee and start a list of a million reasons why I should start going back to the gym tomorrow after work....

It is supposed to rain all week.  Even the weather is depressed that summer is over.

Goodbye, Summer.

How many more days until March 1??