Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I've got this...

I think.

Most days I struggle with whether or not I am doing a good enough job for my class.  I want them to grow, to develop, to learn, and to have the best year ever.  I (selfishly) want them to always remember me and to think I was the BEST.TEACHER.EVER.

And most days I wonder if I'm doing enough.

The day races by and I think about the times I have had to stop and count to 10, 50, or even 100 before answering someone so I don't yell/sound impatient/seem frustrated.

I think about what I could have/should have/need to have done before the next day.

I think about how seemingly short my break is and why I can't have an adult conversation during lunch...justthisonce.

I think about a lot of things.

And then I see the smiles.

I hear the laughter.

I see the looks of confusion change to looks of confidence.

I grade a math quiz and am thrilled with 10 A+'s and 1 B+!

I look around an empty room and see evidence of learning, growing, and developing.

And I think...

I've got this.